Monday, July 28, 2008

wow, Wow, WOW!!!!!

so, this past weekend, we had a BIG, but GREAT time! people are some of the most important thing in our life. we love going over to friends' houses and hanging out. we love having people over for dinner. we love seeing old friends and reminiscing over old times. we just LOVE life with our favorite people in it. God has truly blessed us with amazing community and people and they are what gets us through some of our hardest times. so, thursday, our friends joe and leah sulateskee came in from denver, co. ben and i were both in their wedding a year ago and hadn't seen them since then. they are LOVING life in colorado and we were just VERY happy to see them thursday and friday. :)
this is us at lunch at chick-fil-a. one of the best places on earth ;)

so, after we saw leah and joe, glenna and baby isaiah came to see us! let me tell you, isaiah is BEAUTIFUL!!! glenna and him came over for a couple of hours on friday, then we had a baby shower for glenna at our house. isaiah RACKED up! glenna could clothe a small country with all of the clothes that she got. here's some pictures of friday and one more of saturday...

dillon looks HUGE compared to isaiah! they are already bff ;)

ben meeting isaiah. he slept through most of the visit.

me, glenna, and our BABIES at isaiah's baby shower.

we are so thankful for our community, too. we have made it a little habit of going over to priscilla and kirby atkins's house on sunday nights. we LOVE it. they have two kids, leah and caleb, and we already think that dillon looks up to caleb. caleb is 7 now (he'll be 8 soon) and leah is 10. caleb is starting to teach dillon how to make sounds, motions, all kinds of things. and cilla keeps dillon once a week for me while i work. they all love it and we are so blessed to have friends that love dillon. here's a picture of caleb teaching dillon how to hit the floor (one of dillon's favorite things to do now) and then a picture of kirby and the kids loving on dillon. yea!

all the kids and kirby making dillon laugh ;)

caleb and dillon "teaching" each other.

we love you all. we thank God for each of you. please come see us soon!!!

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Glenna Marshall said...

I think Dillon and Isaiah really look alike, don't you? ;)

It was SO good to see you! And, your gift came in (it's at my mom's--I had it shipped there because I thought it would come when were there--oh well!), so it will be coming soon! I just sent you some formula coupons, though!