Sunday, February 22, 2009

the month in review

well, this month has been crazy, obviously! i have not blogged in forever! we are having a great time here and are sleeping well for the time being ;) ben has been working like a dog the past few days, which we're very thankful for, but i'm ready for the long days to be over. so, let's start at the beginning of february! dillon is getting so big and is walking better and better everyday. today, he climbed in and out of his little chair that his great great grandpa made for our grandpa (tom) and he LOVES it! we have been playing playing playing, occassionally getting things done around the house, and all around just having a good time. dillon will say ball, dada, bubba (which i really hope will change to isaac soon), mama, bye bye (instead of dye dye), no, more, help, and, of course, he says "please" in sign language all the time. that's a lot of words!

all dillon wanted one morning was his car and teddy bear! it was the cutest thing in the world!

we are also trying to come out of our morning naps. so, instead of naps, we are having room time for 30-45 minutes. room time is putting dillon in his crib with about 20 books. the other morning, it got really quiet in dillon's room. i went in to check on him and this is what i found...

we will continue to see how room time goes ;)

isaac is doing so well, too! he is sleeping through the night (praise Jesus) and we are feeling ok. we have battled an ear infection of some sort for the past 6 weeks. he was on amoxicillon, then changed to augmenton, then came off of it because his belly was so disturbed by it, and now i think that we are doing well, finally! he is smiling, cooing, and "talking" all the time, and even laughs every now and then. his favorite thing to do is to lay on his play gym and grab for his rabbit and mirror and talk and play.

dillon and isaac have also been playing together recently. this is so much fun! it makes me so happy to see these boys have a good time together already! i can't wait for the next few years to come!!!

the weather has been nice, then really cold, then nice, then really cold, and as i type this it's actually snowing outside. it was 63* yesterday, and there's already an inch on the ground! well, while it was nice, we did get out for a stroll. the car was dillon's birthday present from grammy and pawpaw and he LOVES it! plus, it IS super easy to cart both boys for a quick stroll.

valentine's day, 2009. this was the best pic i could get of the boys together. dillon's shirt says "be mine" and isaac's says "mommy's little love bandit". haha. our boys are our little valentines ;)
i just can't resist isaac's precious cheeks and his smile and coos! he is such a happy, content little boy! the Lord has truly blessed us with amazing children. if they're all like this, we could have a house full in about 10 years.

isaac james, 3 months old

and finally, another great picture from a good walk. only this time, dillon ended up in my arms, too. at this rate, i don't need to go to the gym!

everything else is going exceptionally well. we love each of you! sorry it was such an informative post and not very thought provoking! but with boys like these, you don't need very much more :)

Monday, February 09, 2009

so much to be so thankful for

i just spent a while crying for this family. (i will preface this with "if you're pregnant, you might not want to read that family's blog right now"). rebekah (the mom) was a friend of mine from high school. i ache so badly for them. please be praying for this sweet family as they mourn the loss of their precious child. that brings me to tears. i am so thankful for my boys. i am queen bee in our house and i'm so proud of it! isaac is so precious. he smiles every time i try to talk to him! he is a blast! and dillon is one of THE cutest kids i've ever seen! his joy RADIATES and is so contagious! at church yesterday, he was crawling all around the floor running into people's legs with one shoe on and one shoe off. then, he pulled himself up against the wall and just cackled so loudly! he is SO happy!! God has truly blessed us with bouncing, healthy, growing baby boys. i know that sometimes i get so bogged down by the day itself, wanting more nap time or a chance to just go somewhere by myself and not have to get the boys out. however, i love getting them out of their carseats and going places. i love how everyone talks to them in stores and how isaac will coo and gaze at whomever looks his way, and dillon will act bashful and smile and wave bye bye to whomever tells him bye bye. i have so much to be thankful for.