Sunday, December 13, 2009

...and the celebrations continue...

we have been SO incredibly busy since before thanksgiving!!!! as some of you know, the four members of our family all have birthdays within 4 weeks of each other, 3 of those being within 2 weeks of each other!!! it all started with isaac turning one. let me tell you, that boy is so happy!! we celebrated his birthday "bulldozer style" because he IS our little bulldozer. that kid can mess up a room faster than you can "what'd you do?!?!" he is crawling on all fours, pulling up on everything and beginning to talk. he signs "more please", "love you", "bye bye", and he even says "amen" at the end of a prayer. he weighs about 21 pounds, and is about 29 inches long (i think). he is not starving, that's for sure!!! he loves to eat, loves cars, and is ALL boy!

isaac's birthday cake


i think he likes it!!!

favorite pic so far!!!!

celebrating at mimi's house!

i had a birthday a week and a half after isaac did. ben took me to sakura (our favorite sushi place in town) with some of our best friends, the guthries and the denkers. it was such a wonderful night of no kids, coffee, sushi, a fire, and a LOT of laughs (don't forget what the most common city in the nation is named!). i am so blessed with an amazing husband and friends. thanks to everyone who called and sent cards and presents. i truly am loved. (and just in case you're wondering, i still have one year left before i hit the big 3-0.)

friday, was dillon's birthday (our birthday banner really should just stay up for the whole 4 weeks!!!). we, of course, had to have a train party! dillon is such a BIG boy, now. i feel like i officially have a boy and not a baby anymore. he talks CONSTANTLY. seriously, his verbal skills are amazing. one of his favorite things to say is "LOOK, momma! LOOK!" he is putting sentences together, can count to almost 20 (with a little help) and we are working on his colors. it's so much fun to have a little sponge that soaks up everything you say. he has a very sensitive heart. whenever isaac is crying, he looks up at me and says "isaac crying, momma. no like isaac crying." he's such a great big brother and both of the boys have a blast playing together. i think dillon weighs about 26 pounds, and is about 34 inches tall. he also will tell you that he is two when you ask him. he's so big.

i still can't believe he's TWO!!!!

of course, a thomas cake ;)

we will celebrate ben's birthday on the 29th and following days (and probably some preceeding days) with family. we have been very blessed lately with ben's work. he is officially THE graphic designer for an upscale magazine in memphis called VIPMemphis. after a lot of prayers and begging of God, BWCreative is doing well, making money, and providing us with enough money to live on. it has been a huge struggle, but we have grown so much in our faith through this time. we thank all of you who have prayed for us over the last couple of years. God is faithful, even when we aren't. i'm so thankful for that.

we are gearing up for ben's family and my family all coming in next week. the myatts will be here on the 19th, aunt jen jen and aunt lindsey will get here on the 20th, then, we will celebrate Christmas with my family the first part of the week and the Williamses the second part of the week. grandpa and granny will be coming on the 26 and then, most of those people will be leaving on the 29th :( it will be a lot of fun to be able to see everyone at Christmas...especially for the boys to get to hang out with cousins, aunts, and uncles that they don't get to see that often. we pray God's blessings on you this holiday season! Merry Christmas to all!!!

these two were from the day we went to get our Christmas tree. it was a hot december day, but we had a great time ;) thanks, ward's!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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Saturday, October 03, 2009


oh, how i love fall. our windows have been open now for a solid week. it has only rained once, and i planted some catalillies today, along with enjoying a pumpkin spice latte. yes!! obviously, we love fall!!! the boys are getting so big. as i type this, they are laughing hysterically at each other, playing by themselves in their room. their favorite thing to do is crawl under isaac's bed, one at one end, one at the other, and laugh hysterically at each other! now, they are playing the harmonica with each other. dillon is holding it up to isaac's mouth and blowing in and out for him. oh my word, they are SO MUCH FUN!!!! just wanted to update you on some new things. i'll timeline the pictures as they go, so you don't have to guess ;)
on another note, isaac is having tubes put in on wednesday. the poor guy. he has had an ear infection is whole life except for about a month and a half since the time he was 6 weeks old. we're so glad that he won't be in anymore pain, and we loved the e.n.t that we went to. it isn't a long procedure. the doc said that if he was under for 15 minutes, that was a long time. i felt better about that statement :) please pray for us on wednesday morning about 8:00. i will let everyone know how everything goes.
now onto the pictures ;)
isaac is only taking 2 bottles/day (praise Jesus). this was his first attempt at spaghetti. i think he liked it. sadly, we did not get an after picture; however, he did go straight to the tub ;)

these are two of isaac's friends. all these guys' birthdays are within 7 weeks of each other. these girls are so much fun. we have to save this one for the wedding slideshow ;)

today, we went to the pumpkin patch in milan. dillon has been FASCINATED with pumpkins since we got him a little bitty one at the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago. then, nette nette took him to get one and he would sit on the front porch and HUG his pumpkin! ha! we decided he needed a few more, but don't worry, we only ended up with 4, one of which is a gourd :)

daddy and his boys

sweet isaac. how can you resist that face?

brothers. it was really hard getting them to smile at the same time. isaac will smile at just about anything; dillon, on the other hand, only wants to smile when he wants to.

there's a good "CHEEEESE!"

and another one. my little boy is getting SO big!! can you believe he will be TWO in just two short months!?!?! i CAN'T!!!!

i want this one, momma!! (we didn't get that one, though).

LOVE it!!! daddy and izzi (long i at the beginning, long e sound at the end) bear

what a great way to finish out a great day!?!?! i hope you can enjoy fall as much as we have today! love to all!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


look who decided to update the world on the williamses!! we have been so so busy that i have not even had a chance to really take any pictures! we have gotten some video, which i'll upload in another post (i'm on the 'ol imac right now...too slow) and some cell phone pics. sadly, our camera is broken right now and is hard to handle to get the pictures. maybe santa will be nice to us this year! i'm sitting in my sewing room/guest room right now. i have been enjoying our sun room on most days, but today, i'm realizing how much i love this tower, as we like to call it. there are 7, count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 windows in this room! it's so nice with all the natural light, you really don't even need a lamp on. this used to be ben's office, but since he moved on up, to the east side (a little jefferson's for ya), i've definitely taken advantage of this room! also, we had our first guests to sleep up here, joe and leah sulateskee!! yea! anyway, the boys are getting so big. dillon has more words than i can even count, isaac has started crawling, and eating real people food. sadly, we have been to the doctor several times in the past month. we started out with a horrible cold/something after we had gotten back from georgia. (did i mention we went to atlanta to see pop pop, granny, and aunt jen jen?) both boys had ear infections, isaac's almost bad enough for his eardrum to rupture. well, this past week, his eardrum did rupture. we now have an appointment with the ent at the end of the month to set up an appointment for tubes. dillon also still had fluid on his ears. it's so sad when your children are so happy...wait a second, let me explain. the boys are so content and rarely cry or least not out of the ordinary. so, we never know if they really are sick or not. that's what is so sad. ben says the have the janie myatt syndrome, which is "suck it up! you'll be fine!" as sometimes the janie myatt syndrome is a good thing, for little boys whose ears are hurting, it's probably not the best thing. we will see what the ent says and when the appointment will be made for. 
also, the boys are weighing in at: dillon: 26 pounds (he's big enough to just get on the scales now) and isaac: 21ish pounds. they are so so much fun. they are playing together so well and they love each other. dillon will wake up in the morning or from a nap and dillon will say "hi, brudder! hi, brudder!" and, as i'm typing this, he's yelling, "ISAAC, ISAAC!!!!!!" he is sleeping. now, dillon is saying "shhh shhh shhh!" anyway, they just keep getting better and better!! 
we did go to atlanta to hang out with family. while we were there, we enjoyed a get together with old friends, going to church with the people that were fundamental in ben's discipleship, went to ikea and a movie, went to the aquarium, and to the zoo, and the list goes on and on! it was so much fun and a much needed break from the norm for me. pop pop and granny kept the boys all day one day for ben and i to go out for our anniversary (four blissful years!). we fell in love with ikea and made our christmas wish list as well ;)
just recently, i had the opportunity to coordinate trista and charlie havner's wedding. i've known these kids since they were in high school, which is when they started dating. so, it was such a joy to see this relationship come to fruition in marriage! God was glorified at the ceremony and a great time was had by all.

me with the bride. she looked beautiful!!!

at the rehearsal dinner

next month, we have the women's retreat for Christ Community coming up, saturday night pookie (the big birthday bash for brian denker) and a great night of worship at church that ben has been working on so hard. it's nice to have a break from being so busy. today, we're sitting on the couch, not doing a whole lot of anything. it's so nice! we love and miss you all!! here's some pictures of atlanta for you to enjoy!

LOVING the aquarium!!

looking at and loving the jellyfish with pop pop

same expressions :)

lovin' some turkey!

fun in the pool!

and playing with the train

riding the train with pop pop. this was the beginning of dillon's horrible ear infection :(

aunt jen jen and isaac. he LOVES her so much!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


well, i know i haven't updated about our family in a very long time. we have been crazy busy. i hope to do that tonight. as for now, i wanted you to be aware of something to pray for. our friends, thomas and tina varughese had a horrible accident with their son who is 11 years old. you can read about it here and read his updates here. it is such a blessing to have children. it's even more of a blessing when God has an amazing path for them. i'm very excited to see what God is going to do with micah and how He is going to use him in his life.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer, 2009!

at lake erie. it was beautful!

well, we have definitely had a VERY busy summer! it has been so much fun, but it's been a little more busy than we like it to be ;)

however, we have gotten to see several of you, and for that we are very grateful. our bus-i-ness isn't going to subside at all anytime soon. once august 8 gets here, we have something going on every weekend until the end of september! AUGHHH! i'm sure that i will probably post little updates, especially on the boys, but if i don't, don't hate me ;) haha

the boys are getting bigger everyday and so much more fun everyday! this past week, some kind of yuckiness has hit janie, so there's been a little more aggrivation on her part, but i'm sure that will subside once i am feeling better. we did take a trip to ohio for a williams family reunion of sorts. ben's aunt sandy turned 60 and had a big blow out of a party! needless to say, everyone loves aunt san and you could definitely tell at her party. i think there was a total of about 80 people there! and only 19 of us were family! ha! also, ben has moved into his office space! we have yet to post pictures, because, well, it needs some work done to it. however, we're hoping for a trip to ikea in the near future to get a conference table and some other things to spiff it up a bit. so, pictures of the office will have to come later. he is LOVING it though! and God is really blessing his work. he has been SO busy since we got home, and in the meantime, he has found time to treat me like a queen since i have been sick. (even bringing me soup for two meals in a row). ♥

now on to the good stuff. here's some new photos. i'll timeline it as they appear so you don't have to scroll back and forth ;)

night, night, mr. brother (isaac)

dave is amazing and has finished painting 1/4 of our house!

what usually happens in the evening. everyone on the couch! petey was at ben's feet ;) all my boys [love it!]

being silly at bathtime. it's an adventure and lately, i think i have ended up wetter than both boys put together.


a little light reading!

one of isaac's bffs, audrey jones. she is almost exactly one month younger than him! she already loves him!

one of the BEST summer toys! (thank you, mimi!!!!)

first diamond jaxx game of the season! there will be more of those to come!!
with our friends, landon and stacy preston! they're expecting baby #1 in january and we CAN'T WAIT!!!!

one happy baby!

dillon got his first haircut given by his granny.

big boy. (very bittersweet by the way)

snapping grass with aunt jen jen. he thinks she's really cool...oh wait, she is really cool!

playing with mommy. i love my boys!
on the way to and from ohio, we stayed with my bff and fer family, hannah (and the rest of the fields!) we had five kids all 3 and under in a four bedroom house. it was fun, but c-r-a-z-y!! florida, here we come!!!

and when we got home, our friend grayson may was in town for a visit. grayson is one week older than dillon. needless to say, dillon would rather be playing with grayson than taking pictures with grayson!
and there's a happy boy!!!

that's a lot that went on in a month! sadly, i got almost no pictures from ohio! i need to get better at that! here's the whole family!!