Friday, June 20, 2008

the zoo!

so, i mentioned earlier that my sister and i took our kids to the zoo on wednesday. we had a GREAT time! i only got one picture of dillon, but michael, marie, and luke had a really good time. also, i'm going to post some pics of what a day looks like here at home. dillon is LOVING his exer-saucer. it's a cool one that doesn't hurt his legs because it's attached to his bumbo seat. it's pretty great. other than that, we have just been really busy and can't wait for july to get here because we have ONE thing on the calendar right now! and that's our good friends, the sulateskees, coming to town! so, here's an update on some things that have happened this month...
the rundown
after we got back from oklahoma, we had father's day. ben got the best present ever...a hammock! and a mantle clock, but that hasn't arrived yet
then, that same weekend is when our friends' adoption was going down, so we were very enthralled with that and praying with them
then, last week was pretty normal...i guess that's this week...zoo, baby stuff, work, you know. the norm
the weekend is here! and we are so excited! and my family is coming to town this weekend! yea! i'm sure i'll have some pics to post after this week, especially since zoe and tessa are staying for a week longer than bill and mel ;)

here's some pics of a day in the life of ben, janie, dillon, and petey

daddy and dillon playing ;)

dillon in the exer-saucer

marie at the zoo ;) isn't she adorable!

marie and i with the kamodo dragon

daddy with his boys. this is a nightly occurrence and we LOVE it!
we love you all! come see us soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

he's here!!!

i want to thank all of you for praying for our sweet friends, william and glenna. they welcomed william "isaiah" marshall into the world on saturday, and, after much waiting and patience, are officially PARENTS to this sweet little boy!!!!!! hopefully they will get to come home to sikeston, mo, early next week and we will get to pamper glenna and william with all kinds of great things for this sweet baby. please continue to pray that all goes well with the continuation of the adoption.
dillon and i got to go to the zoo yesterday with my sister, lili, and her three kids, michael, marie, and luke. i'll post pictures of that later. dillon just chilled out in the stroller most of the time. however, fun was had by all! again, thanks so much for praying for william and glenna. hopefully i can put a picture up of little isaiah soon ;) love to all!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


william and glenna have encountered some problems with the birth father. please be in prayer, especially during the next 48 hours (specifically tuesday afternoon at 2:43) as they try not to get too attached to the baby if in fact they don't get to bring him home. please stay tuned to their blog for updates. thanks.

william and glenna's baby is on his way!!!!!!!! i am SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED for my BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

we've been away, and now we're baa-aaack!

well, good morning to everyone! we got to go to oklahoma last weekend to spend some time with ben's family, and, most of all, to be there hope's sweet 16 birthday ;) (i'm just kidding, hopie). we had a great time and seriously had a vacation. on sunday, we went to church at lindsey's church, the people's church, and then got kfc. then, we watched law and order svu ALL DAY LONG! seriously! then, monday, we decided to go shopping (the girls did) so, ben and dave watched no country for old men then law and order, then another movie, then more law and order until we watched letterman that night. we also all got pedicures from lindsey, even though she was off work, and she didn't even charge us ;) thanks, linds! our feet are STILL wonderful!!! seriously, that's about all we did in oklahoma. oh, yeah, we did see grandpa and he is doing fine. we went to a carnival at his new home and we really liked his new place a lot. we love you, grandpa and hope you feel better soon!! also, hope did turn 16 i think the day after we left, but we had her party before we left. so, we got to hang out with all the siblings and their kids. man, i love me some stovers. you say some friends are tighter than blood, they're tighter than blood and they ARE blood! it was great to see everyone and see how much all the kids had grown, who the boys were dating, and updates on everyone ;) we love you, stovers, and williamses and romines! come see us soon!!!
here's some pics to enjoy from the weekend...

good times with daddy and auntie lindsey (chew chew) on the floor ;)

i think i want your teeth, aunt hopie.

grammy and i both like to cover our faces when we sleep.

i'll smile for the camera, sure, i'll ham it up for the camera ;)

paw paw is SO much fun! i love his whiskers!!!

waiting for the plane at the airport. i'm so tired! are we there yet?

i'm taking dillon to the doctor today as well. we've had some problems with the rice cereal that we started him on...he threw up once/day for three days in a row after eating it for 2 days, so we stopped, and are hopefully going to start solids this weekend and rice cereal, introducing a new food every week. please just pray for dillon's little tummy. he's having a lot of issues with it and we just want to do the right thing. i'll keep you posted for sure! come see us soon, friends!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

dillon rolled over!

what ben would rather be doing than working his tail off in franklin.

WOW!!! it's june the 1st!! i can't believe it! i can't believe that dillon is halfway to a year. i can't believe that he'll start eating baby food next month. i can't believe that he'll be walking soon. i just can't believe that we have a son that is getting bigger everyday and that we have another son/daughter on the way!! holy moley!! we had the opportunity to go to nashville last week for a quick visit. ben worked like a dog from memorial day until thursday at noon. i'm not kidding...i think he worked about 50 hours in 4 days. that man is amazing!! i would've given up and left it at 5. but ben isn't like me, and we're all thankful for that. he is SUCH a hard worker! so, while ben worked, dillon and i played! we did get to meet up with my good friend, ashley guinn davis (she writes for this online devotional from time to time). she was married last june and i had not seen her since then. it was SO good to get to talk to her! and of course she loved dillon ;) sadly, i didn't have my camera with me that day, so i did not get a picture of her and little man. anyway, we had a great time at fido's and i can't wait to see her again hopefully soon!
after seeing ashley, dillon and i made our way all the way around cool springs galleria. it took us three hours, and only about $40 later did we leave. i think that's pretty good. ;) then, we waited for ben to be done with VIP. we thought we'd get to go home, but we didn't. he worked again until 2:30 am for the second night in a row. we did eat at this great irish pub in downtown franklin that really competes in my books with the irish rover in louisville. the pub is called mccreary's. i HIGHLY recommend it. it was such a great atmosphere and some of the best food i've had in a while. so, we stayed another night in cool springs and then ben worked till about noon the next day. we stuck around and had a good time in nashville for the afternoon...ate at panera, drove around and looked at great neighborhoods, AND ran into our great friends, sheila and julian williamson! we were driving down 21st and i thought i saw their boys kicking the soccer ball around and thought, "that can't be them." but it WAS! so, we met up with them for coffee at fido's (yes, the same place i met ashley) later on in the day and it was so great to see some great friends outside of jackson! we ALL needed it big time!
julian and sheila with dillon

since we've been home, i've been really busy and ben has been busy with work. i had a wedding shower for a friend from high school on saturday, so it was a lot of fun to see old friends and catch up.
AND i had three friends that were pregnant and ALL due today, but they ALL had their babies early! i got a phone call from hannah on wednesday morning saying she was in the hospital, then i got a text from adam, leslie's husband saying that they were being admitted to have their baby boy. well, our other friends, shelley and steven had been having contractions all week and they induced her yesterday! all three moms are healthy and all three babies are healthy! we have samuel trayner fields, weighing in at 8 lb 2 oz and 19 1/2 in (i think), then we have elijah marc lickey, weighing in at 8 lb 9 oz and 19 1/2 in, and then we have addison grace kennedy, weighing in at 6 lb 15 oz and 19 1/2 in. (all three same length!) i'm so glad that all my friends are having babies these days, too! i LOVE IT!! now, if hannah and leslie could just move to jackson, we'd be in good shape ;)
oh, yeah, while we were in franklin, dillon rolled over! YEA!!!! i had been waiting and waiting for this moment. he did it all on his own the first time when no one was in the room with him, then i did catch it on video the second time. it's not like it was on his stomach...he doesn't roll over everytime, but he is still doing it, so that's so exciting! some of these other pics are from sunday night...we were just sitting at home having a little family time, so i thought i'd let you in on that. we love you all! can't wait to see some of you in less than a week, grammy and paw paw! (and all the aunts :))
look at my feet ;)
he looks so big in this picture!

and finally the video of dillon rolling over! sorry for all the other pics and details. it won't hurt my feelings if you just watch the video and look at the pics! ha!