Tuesday, April 25, 2006


i'm not sure if that picture worked or not. i'm at school, so i'll check it when i get home. if it didn't post, i'll post it again. sorry about the confusion. we still love you, dad!

My Amazing Father

I wanted to put a picture of the man who knows that he has the abundant life and who loves every bit of it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!! we love you and we are so so so thankful for you. (sorry that that the picture is not that great...it's a phone pic :)) i hope all are doing well and hope to talk to you soon!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

another great saturday

hello, all! it's about 5 p.m. right now and i just wanted to write and say what a great saturday it has been. this is the first day that ben and i haven't had anything going on during the day in a while! ben's mowing our yard and the neighbor's yard right now, and we are having a party tonight after dinner with some friends. it's just the best! we don't have a ton going on right now. i guess the biggest news is that the half marathon is coming up in only one week from today! we will be going to nashville on next friday, then we will come home on saturday. but, i feel very ready for it. it's very exciting. just to be able to say that i've run a half. wow!
my dad's birthday is this weekend as well, and, as many of you know, they live here in jackson, too. well, it's really just hit me the transition of life recently. you are in certain seasons of life for a reason for a certain amount of time. while i am enjoying being a newly-wed, my dad is enjoying the 2nd generation of his labor! well, my dad asked (as he always does) for peace on Earth and good will toward men. well, we all know that we can't get that. then, he said that he and my mom were really into crossword puzzles ad they need a crossword puzzle dictionary. then, it hit me, my dad is a grandpa. that's crazy! and he does grandpa things all the time that i don't even understand right now!:) however, i do have to say, that my dad is one of the most amazing men i've ever met before (after my husband of course). i am so thankful for how he has brought me up and how he has taught me the Word of God through childhood and how much i've learned from him as an adult. i say all this to say, "Here's to Sam Myatt. May he live long and continue being the amazing man that he always has been!"
Hopefully i'll post some pictures that we get to take tomorrow of my dad so those of you that don't know him can meet him :). i hope everyone has a great sunday!

Friday, April 14, 2006


so, it's been almost a month since i've posted last. i think that the only people that read this are glenna and amanda. it's hard to stay motivated when there's not a lot going on.
i have the day off today and ben is working. i'm training for a half marathon and i ran 9 miles last weekend, so this weekend, it's up to 11, then take the week before off, and then it's time. HOLY COW! i hope i can do it. it would be really embarrassing if i couldn't. anyway, so, today is also jenny's birthday, so we're going to los today for lunch. i can't wait because it's been WAY TOO LONG since i've been there. ben and i don't go there very often because he goes there for lunch a lot, but i don't get to go there for lunch. so, woe is me, right?
i do have some sad news...aretha frankensteins burned to the ground! our friend joe garner was in chattanooga and ben had asked him to get me a t-shirt because they were totally rad. so, he asked a local if he was going the right way and he was like "dude, it burned down last night!" SO, but they are planning on rebuilding it, which is good for when we go to atlanta or to chattanooga again. oh man. anyway, as i said there's just not a lot going on here. i do hope that everyone sees the joy of Easter and truly celebrate Christ's ressurrection. this has been an amazing Easter for me because i've never celebrated as i have this year. we had an amazing "Jesus Feast" last night at church where we celebrated the body of Jesus, then tonight we have a Good Friday service that leads up to Christ's death, and tomorrow a Holy Prayer Service, then a HUGE amazing Easter celebration service with a big brunch to follow. i'm really excited about all of it. also, don't forget to check out ben's blog on romans and if you want to see some cool articles on stuff, his southernorthodoxy website. happy Easter to all of you. may the peace of Christ be with you.