Saturday, April 11, 2009

i have a love/hate relationship with spring

the new arrangement at the williams's house! isaac IS in the high chair...i promise!

the reason for that is we LOVE being outside...however, outside does NOT like me around this time of year. however, we are SO glad that it's so much nicer outside. it has been a busy few weeks for us! i did get some pictures of all the visitors that we had over the past few weeks (thanks, grammy and aunt hopie and auntie lindsey!) we also had isaac's 4 month pictures made. they turned out SO good! heather, the owner of cedarway, is a good friend of mine. she does GREAT work and we recommend her to anyone! and these boys have just kept us SO busy! they are SO much fun! there are definitely days where i am not sure that i will make it through, or get a shower for that matter, but those days are few and far between. also, my side bizz, bug-a-roo, is truckin right along! i did free fridays in march, and had four fantastic winners, and have been SO busy since then! i'm so thankful for that! ben has also been pretty busy graphic design, and, by God's good grace, we FINISHED OUR TAXES TONIGHT!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!! we are so thankful that God has provided for us over the past year. doing taxes is a bit crazy, but it really shows how dependent we are on the Lord to provide for us. and He does everytime. we are very thankful.

now, onto what you really want to know about, dillon and isaac! they both continue to be a joy! between chasing (and i mean chasing) dillon around the house and making isaac laugh, there's rarely a dull moment in our house. dillon is just about running every where by now! for those family members that haven't seen him in even a couple of weeks, you are going to be blown away next time you see him! and he is talking up a storm, repeating sounds that we make. tonight, brian and cindy had dinner with us. while they were leaving, i said "dillon, are you ready to take a bath?" and he went straight to the bathroom knocking on the door saying "bath, bath, bath, bath, bath..." the kid LOVES the water! anyway, we have had great playdates with friends at the park and dillon loves the slide and climbing all over the playground. we have a fantastic playground here in jackson that is made for all children, no matter what ability they have. it's great because he doesn't have to climb up too many stairs to play and he walks around the whole time! we haven't taken pictures yet (i claim mommy brain) but we will soon. i foresee a playdate sometime this week!


look! it's my feet!!

isaac is also making us fall more in love with him every day! his laugh is VERY contagious and it's VERY easy to make him laugh! he is so bubbly and ticklish every where! he rolled over from back to front for the first time today. sadly, he was in his room and i was doing something in my room so, all i heard was a muffled cry, i.e. a very mad baby who couldn't figure out what just happened. he is getting SO big! we go for his 4 month check up on wednesday. i know he's bigger than dillon was at this age. it's crazy that he's 4 months old!! it seems like yesterday, we were driving to the hospital to have him! besides laughing, he is cooing all the time, bearing weight on his legs, and sitting in his bumbo seat. he also loves dillon and just GLOWS when dillon walks in the room. i know that they are going to be such good friends! well, here are some pictures and a video to let you know the insides of what goes on in our house. i can't believe i'm posting this video...oh well! these boys love to dance!!

happy baby!