Tuesday, February 26, 2008

dillon is rolling over!

a lot of you have seen this in person, but i wanted to share it with you anyway ;) this is how dillon and i spend probably about 25% of our day. it's with me making ridiculous noices...him laughing...then rolling over and me putting him back on his tummy, then me reading to him or singing or something like that. it's SO much fun! so, here's the best video in the world! HAHA!!! we love you!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

i've been tagged!!!

Here are the rules.
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(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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ok, here are the six quirky things about myself...hmmmmmm.

1. i claim that i don't like reality tv when in fact i cry everytime i watch extreme home makeover, long to watch the bachelor with my girls, LOVE so you think you can dance and have a NEW love for american idol. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!
2. i play the piano to relax. i bang it really hard (by playing chords that go together of course) and pretend to make up a song when it really ends up being a praise chorus or old hymn.
3. when i go to sleep i have to be touching ben AND petey. that's kinda gross...
4. i don't like to drink milk after the experation date. it wierds me out. but i just bought milk that doesn't expire for 2-3 weeks...how many hormones can they PUT in that stuff?!?!?
5. when i run or walk, i have to be on the left side even if it's a not-so-busy street like my neighborhood. it's the rule, right?
6. i like to cook dinner by myself...it's a power, i'm in control kinda thing. however, i LOVE going out to eat!!!

i tag melanie, bill, hannah, jenice, ginger, and lindsay. go get 'em tiger!

time with the grandpas

well, it has been a while since i have posted anything. we have been very busy...out of town, friends moving, ben's business, etc etc. the theme for this past couple of weeks is that everything is just fine. it's not great, it's not horrible, but it's fine. it started off with a visit from ben's dad! this was a great time. he LOVED hanging out with dillon and he even babysat for me while i went to get my hair cut. and he tore down the wallpaper in our laundry room. we will forever be in debt to pop for everything he has done for us on our house!!

he was here from tuesday-thursday and right after he left, ben got a call from his mom saying that grandma passed away on valentine's day. this was her favorite holiday of all and she died very peacefully. brenda (ben's mom) was sitting with her in the hospital telling her what a great mother and grandmother she was and she said it was time, closed her eyes, and went to be with Jesus. we will miss this fine lady. she was a lady who loved everyone that she came in contact with. she didn't judge anyone and she had a heart for the Lord. she will definitely be missed, though! so, we went to oklahoma on saturday. our dear friend, stefi, was going to keep petey. she recently accepted a job at SCAD and we thought that she was moving before we would get back on wednesday. she didn't leave until today! so, it's very sad to see her go, but it was really good that she was able to keep petey and have some more time with us before she left. we will also miss this very fine lady, but we know that we will see her soon...right, steft? :)

while we were in oklahoma, dillon got to meet his great-grandpa and his pawpaw. this was a really cool time. we all sat with ben's grandpa the day after the funeral and grandpa just would stare at dillon.

pawpaw (dave) would also just gaze at dillon. it was a wonderful time. we had a blast with all of dillon's aunts and other family, and we are glad that we got to go to oklahoma, but we do wish it was under different circumstances. please be in prayer for ben's family as we grieve the loss of grandma.

so, we said good bye to stefi this morning and are trying to get back to normalcy here at westmoreland pl. ben's job is going well. he has had business and work since we got back...something that wasn't in place until we got to cincinatti and missed our connecting flight, so we had some time in that airport for ben to work. praise God for the clients that he has gotten and we covet your prayers as we continue to try to get more clients.

i'm not really sure what else will be going on with us next except that i am going to see one of my dearest friends in the world, holly cossiboom, in march in birmingham. you never know, we might come see you, too!!! we love you all!! enjoy these great pictures of dillon! he's rolling from his stomach to his back, so his head goes crazy when he's on his stomach. i have to hold him there so he doesn't just roll over right when he gets on his stomach! :) he is such a blast and a blessing! we love all of you and hope to see you soon!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

tornado videos

i'm sure that all of you know about the tornados that came through tennessee last week. it has been one emotional week for anyone related to union university in any way. i found two videos that are pretty amazing and show some great pictures that capture, as much as they can, what happened on tuesday. from these two videos, you can see a lot of other videos that students have uploaded.

we do serve a strong and mighty God. i also want to ask you to pray for ben's family right now. his grandma romines (mom's mom) is not doing well at all. she went into the hospital over Christmas first and was then moved to a transitional care facility. for the past two weeks, she has been so sick and has fought all that she can fight for her life. she is on full time oxygen right now and the doctors asked her if she wanted to go back on the vent and she said no. they also asked her if she wanted to be resusitated if it came to that and she said no. please please please pray for ben's mom as she watches her mother go through this and pray for ben and i as we decide what we need to do from here. also, our good friends julian and sheila williamson received some bad news last week about sheila's mom. she has inoperable and untreatable liver cancer. sheila is an only child, so she is having to make a lot of decisions right now about what to do for her family. the doctors gave her mom 2-4 months. please be in prayer for all of this. we feel as though the past month has been one of tragedy and not one of happiness. we're ready to be happy again. our hearts are heavy and we don't know how to pray or how to feel comfort. however, we do know that we serve an amazing God who is more powerful than we will ever know. thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

praise God

as many of you know, jackson was hit with some terrible storms this week. union university (where i went to college and where both of my folks work) is almost destroyed. the Lord is so faithful as no one was seriously injured and no lives of students were taken. that is amazing as most of the damage was done to the dorm rooms where all of the students were. please continue to pray. i haven't gotten out to see the damage yet, but am planning on venturing out today, hopefully. here is a link to some great photos taken my matthew elia, a student from union and a christ community person. please continue to pray as this is going to be a huge project on the university and the community as they strive to get things as much back to normal as possible for these students.
on the other hand, dillon is GROWING! he has begun to roll over from his stomach to his back and he is so smiley and laughy all the time. i had him going last night and this morning as got ready for bed and got dressed this morning. please enjoy some of these. we would love to see you so please come see us soon!
oh, by the way, we are fine and safe. there was no damage to our house or cars or us, or to my parents' house or cars or them. praise the Lord! HE is so faithful!
oh, and dillon slept for 8 hours last night! YEA!!! hopefully, he will keep doing that so i can sleep for an entire night! wouldn't that be GREAT!?!?!?!
what's goin on?

precious baby!


he's so big!

i love everyone!!