Sunday, August 15, 2010

not too shabby

well, it's only been 3 weeks since i updated instead of 2 months! i call that progress!! since my last post, we have had a contract put on our house, we have put a contract on another house, and we are in the midst of LOTS of boxes that need to have more things in them instead of outside of them! ha! if you know me at all, you know i like to be organized in a certain kind of way. i like to do things on the fly for sure, and i really don't mind a messy house at all, but, when it comes to planning something, i get a high on having things organized. so, needless to say, i have a schedule for when each room should be packed and if i stay on this schedule, we will have everything packed before mine and ben's 5th anniversary getaway!!! yes, you heard me right! ben and i are leaving the boys for 4 nights and 5 days with grammy and pawpaw to get away for awhile! we're headed to nashville, are spending a couple nights at aloft. then, on saturday and sunday, we are going to be involved in our friends' wedding! ben is going to be leading worship and i am going to be coordinating (see, a planner at heart!). then, ben has something up his sleeve for sunday night and no one knows what it is! i'm not even sure if he knows what it is, to be honest with you. haha!
we also had an ultrasound of baby #3 a week ago. this baby is measuring a few days ahead of schedule, which is ok right now...just as long as he/she comes early or stops growing before he/she decides to join us in the world! we were able to count fingers and toes, saw the backbone, face, and jawbone, and saw that little thing squirm all around!!! it never ceases to amaze me that there is a BABY (aka HUMAN BEING) inside of me! i love it!
also, my sister and brother-in-law have been in the adoption process with russia for almost a year. after receiving one referral and never being able to meet the baby, they have received another referral and are going to meet sweet little baby boy on tuesday! my eyes are filling with tears as i type this. we have prayed and prayed for the next baby that will be a tankersley and it is evident that God wanted "nic" (he doesn't have a name yet) to be a tankersley! please join with us in praying that everything goes well when they meet him. lili told me that a union student came over to help them learn some russian the other day. one of the things she taught lili to say was "i'm your momma!" oh the joy!!!!! i can't wait to share in the joy of this little boy and to be a part of his family!! he is almost exactly 6 months between the boys, so i foresee LOTS of adventures between the williams and tankersley boys!! with the craziness of moving, i haven't taken many recent pictures, but i will post some that are my favorites.