Friday, December 14, 2007

all the pictures of dillon

a lot of you have looked on facebook, myspace, and of course here for pics of dillon. here are a couple of web albums where you can see all the pictures from his first day home from grandpa and granny's camer (click here) and also the newer ones that we've taken (click here). we love all of you and thanks for being so excited about our little boy.
we took him to the doctor today and everything is going well. he only lost 6 oz. so that is great. and he slept through the night last night with only two feedings that he woke up for. YEA!!! keep praying that he keeps doing that! we love all of you!! this is what he looked like when we were waiting to see the doctor. he's got that thumb suckin almost down :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

he's finally here!!!

SO, dillon is here!!!!! he arrived tuesday, december 11, at 9:14 am after about 12 1/2 hours of labor. he weighed 7 lb 2.2 oz, was (and still is) 19 inches long, and is AWESOME!!!! we got home today at about 11:30 and this is the first chance i've had to do anything on the internet. we hope you enjoy the pics, and can't wait for all of you to meet him!!! he's AWESOME!!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

39 weeks, 3 days...that's 4 days to go!

well, we still have no baby. i can tell that things are getting close, though :) i'm done working! ben has been working with ross guthrie this week (painting) and is going to do some freelance work for the VIP jackson, ms, magazine later on this month. we appreciate all of the prayers that everyone is praying for us. we really covet them, so please continue ;). we're looking forward to seeing family in about 2 weeks! we can't wait for Christmas and can't wait to spend Christmas with dillon!!! we will definitely keep you all posted. we love you!
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