Monday, November 20, 2006

post-surgery thoughts

i've had many minutes to think about life in the past few days. first of all, i'm so thankful for my family. (this might be a pretty cheesy post;)) my husband has taken the best car of me that anyone ever could. i have definitely been MILKIN' IT!!! and it's been fun. but, it just is such a reminder of Christ and the church. as ben represents Christ in our relationship as husband and wife...he's been so faithful to take care of me, been so concerned about the littlest things i might need, been concerned more about me than himself and such a servant, and just been a good reminder of what a great husband he is. and as for me as the church...well, i've seen myself serve him in the past. it's a give and take willingness. that's what i've decided marriage is all about. dying to yourself at different times. however, the husband and the wife must BOTH die to themselves at different times. if a couple does this, they WILL live happily ever after. just like a fairy tale.
now, i don't say that it's going to always be easy. i guess, as i contemplate that Christ was a real man (100% man and 100% God) i see that He had to die to himself at times as well. when we see Christ as human, it's somehow easier for us to die to ourselves and to understand why we go through pain and suffering. He died the ultimate death, but came as a peasant would come. i'm so thankful and pray that you see the joy in dying to yourself when it comes to relationships. happy thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

oh, petey boy, oh, petey boy, why must you tear up our stuff? (to the tune of "Oh, Christmas Tree")


So, i came home from work on wednesday, and this is what i found. well, actually i found a chewed up dryer sheet in the middle of the living room floor, and then i walked into our bedroom, and this is what i found. petey was very excited to see me and began running around in circles on the bed. he loves us. (and he had a BLAST today while we were both at work). we love our dog!!!! Posted by Picasa