Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and here he is!!!!

well, the long awaited pictures of isaac james williams have finally arrived!!! we cannot wait for him to get here...well, i guess we really can ;) but you know what i mean! here they are! he's so beautiful already! (and yes, my name is dorothy jane)

the side view

little feet...he has all ten toes...

and all ten fingers ;)

and that little guy was as curled up as he could be. we love him so much!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

wow, Wow, WOW!!!!!

so, this past weekend, we had a BIG, but GREAT time! people are some of the most important thing in our life. we love going over to friends' houses and hanging out. we love having people over for dinner. we love seeing old friends and reminiscing over old times. we just LOVE life with our favorite people in it. God has truly blessed us with amazing community and people and they are what gets us through some of our hardest times. so, thursday, our friends joe and leah sulateskee came in from denver, co. ben and i were both in their wedding a year ago and hadn't seen them since then. they are LOVING life in colorado and we were just VERY happy to see them thursday and friday. :)
this is us at lunch at chick-fil-a. one of the best places on earth ;)

so, after we saw leah and joe, glenna and baby isaiah came to see us! let me tell you, isaiah is BEAUTIFUL!!! glenna and him came over for a couple of hours on friday, then we had a baby shower for glenna at our house. isaiah RACKED up! glenna could clothe a small country with all of the clothes that she got. here's some pictures of friday and one more of saturday...

dillon looks HUGE compared to isaiah! they are already bff ;)

ben meeting isaiah. he slept through most of the visit.

me, glenna, and our BABIES at isaiah's baby shower.

we are so thankful for our community, too. we have made it a little habit of going over to priscilla and kirby atkins's house on sunday nights. we LOVE it. they have two kids, leah and caleb, and we already think that dillon looks up to caleb. caleb is 7 now (he'll be 8 soon) and leah is 10. caleb is starting to teach dillon how to make sounds, motions, all kinds of things. and cilla keeps dillon once a week for me while i work. they all love it and we are so blessed to have friends that love dillon. here's a picture of caleb teaching dillon how to hit the floor (one of dillon's favorite things to do now) and then a picture of kirby and the kids loving on dillon. yea!

all the kids and kirby making dillon laugh ;)

caleb and dillon "teaching" each other.

we love you all. we thank God for each of you. please come see us soon!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

fun times when grandpa comes to town!

so, grandpa, also known as ben's dad, came to visit for a couple of days starting on wednesday. he got to be a part of the normal everyday stuff that we do here at the williams's household, and also do a few really fun things. i haven't been able to get any pictures of dillon in the tub yet because usually i take all the pictures and, well, i give him baths, too. SO, i was happy that grandpa got some good pictures of dillon in the bathtub...this is one of my favorites! he LOVES bathtime and kicks and squeals and splashes and everything. notice how ALL the toys are behind him. he scoots toward that end of the tub and all the toys go with him. ha!

then, we got to take dillon to his first ballgame! the diamond jaxx are the minor league team here in jackson and ben and i actually went on our second date there. we only get around to going to 1-2 games a year, and we always have a great time when we do get to go. i think dillon had a good time too, until it was time for his bottle and we couldn't find hot water. and there was a WHOLE lot going on, so we decided to get home to feed him; however, he did manage to get a ball from the pitcher for a souvenir and grandpa bought him a hat that he can grow in to when he gets a little older.

on our way into the stadium.

dillon's not too fixated on the game at the moment, but he did have a good time.

the fam at the ballgame!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i think you all know this

but, if you dont, we're having another BOY!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! his name is isaac james and we cannot wait until december!!! get ready for double strollers, another crib, and ohhhh so much fun! i can't wait to see dillon and isaac grow up together and be the best of friends. i know they'll argue, but what siblings don't ;)

we've been busy with a yard sale that we did really well on. and dillon has been one of the happiest babies i've ever seen before! we have been putting him in his doorway jumper and he LOVES it! there's not just a whole whole lot more going on. the doc said that isaac was healthy and the due date is actually december 3...so if he comes a day early like dillon did, we'll have december 2 or 3 (isaac), december 4 (janie), december 11 (dillon), and december 29 (ben), and don't forget Christmas ;) yea for the holidays! we hope you all are doing well and here's a little video to enjoy of dillon in his johnny jumpup. it's not the best video ever, but i'm sure that we'll get more soon. and grandpa is coming to town today, so i'm sure we'll have fun pictures of dillon and him playing together. AND we don't have a scanner here, so when we go to mimi and papa's house or to the atkins, we will scan in pictures of isaac so you can see and count his little toes. seriously! she gave us a picture of his toes and i counted them! there are 10!!! he's already so cute! we love you all!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

what a great weekend!!!!

well, we decided to try the sippee cup without the stopper in it this weekend. dillon did much better and we're going to try again tonight. here's what it looked like...

i think i like this...

i DO like this!!!!!! (notice the trails of prune juice on his stomach!)

THEN, we were hanging out with the kennedys and the joneses eating pizza and STEFI calls me to say she is coming to jackson for the night!!! she was flying from texas back to georgia and they needed someone to go monday instead of sunday! so, she took them up on it! i was SO excited!!!!!!! notice the chocolate on my face...i was making brownies ;)

me, stefi, and dillon

THEN, my group of girl friends from high school decided to get together for dinner! it was GREAT! almost everyone has gotten married and there are more babies than just dillon in the mix, too ;) we had a great time!!!

erin, me, lori, dillon, ashley powell, jill, ashley akin, and sarah. we were missing ashley jackson, jenny, and erica. and yes, those are maiden names, and yes, there were THREE ashelys in our group of friends ;) we had a wonderful time.
we hope everything is going well for you guys. we're pretty busy this week, but that's good! we'd love to see you soon!
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Friday, July 04, 2008

pics from the weekend with the myatts

we tried to get dillon to drink out of his first sippy cup. i think he knew it was food...simply because he was pretty fussy when he couldn't get anything out and we had to feed him early because he was SO hungry, i'm SURE. :) we'll keep trying with the cup, though. he knew to put it in his mouth at least, so that's good!

not too happy here. I WANT SOME JUICE!!!!

and the newest picture of baby #2. this is at 18 weeks. he/she is G-R-O-W-I-N-G!

here are some pictures from our weekend with the myatts! we had "princess zoe's" birthday party. she is 6! can you believe it?!?! sadly, i got no pictures of tate, though. he is so cute and you can see a very cute picture of him on mel's blog.

michael and zoe after icing zoe's cake. they did do a pretty good job :)

marie and tessa sitting on mimi's step stools. they were having a great time!

michael made a mask and was a scary horned something...i'm not really sure what :)

luke is just cute!

zoe got a yellow guitar with a flower and a butterful on it (so cool!) so uncle ben tuned it and taught her a little beetle's song. i think that practice makes perfect ;)

to top off the weekend, michael and zoe made party hats for all the kids. i'm not really sure what dillon thought about the hat, though. at least he didn't grab it off his head!
i hope you've enjoyed the pictures of our fun weekend. i might have more after the 4th. we have two cookouts today! YIPPEE!!!! we love the grill!!! i need to go make some bug-a-roo things! we love you all!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

what's new

hello, everyone!! it feels like it's been a while since i've last posted. thanks to all of you who have stayed true to our blog even though it's restricted now. i realized i left out some pretty key people (sorry) but i think that everyone who wants to see it can now ;) yea! and i hope you all will keep checking it even though you have to sign in. you can never be too sure about crazies in the world! we've had a busy few couple of weeks, consisting fo family, a wedding, a funeral, and a lot of fun.
my brother and sister-in-law and their three kids were here for a few days and two of their kids actually stayed with mimi and papa for an extra week! so, there was lots of swimming and playing that went on, as well as a very happy birthday to my great great aunt virgie!! she turned 100 years old so, of course, we had to celebrate ;) we had a great time at her party...even though you wouldn't be able to tell it from ANY of the kids' faces in this picture. ha! that is CLASSIC!! aunt virgie is the little lady in the blue. she still has a garden, and when the news interviewed her for turning 100, she said they had to go out to her garden because it is her favorite place. i think that she just stopped substitute teaching about 8-10 years ago, and she's as quick as a whip! we should've gotten my granny in this picture, too, then we would've had 5 generations of myatts. it's pretty amazing. last july, she fell OUT of her ATTIC while ironing and was in the hospital for a while. ben and i were prego with dillon at the time. we went to visit her july 4 weekend with mom and dad myatt and she was sleeping when we got there. she sat right up when she heard us talking and said "well, sammy, when did you get here?" it was like she had never skipped a beat! so, she knew we were pregnant and said we better bring dillon to see her when he got here. wellllll, she didn't meet dillon until her 100th birthday, and she knew exactly who he was, as well as all the other crazy kids in this picture! we had a great time!
aunt virgie in the blue, the tankersleys minus marie on the left, papa and the williamses in the middle, and the myatts plus marie and mimi on the right

while the myatts were here, we mostly swam and ate. that's pretty much what we always do. i don't have any pics yet, so i'll have to upload them when i put them on my computer (i can't find my camera right now). in other news (ie, the kids) dillon is sitting up on his own now and completely rolling over. he's also eating a new fruit/veggie every 3-4 days and he likes it so much, he doesn't even like to take his bottle after he eats. so, he might drink 1 oz after he eats some food ;) it is SO much fun feeding him! he is so funny!!! ben took a video that we'll have to download to his computer then, he'll have to post it on the blog. also, i'm about 18 weeks pregnant right now. we went to the doctor yesterday and we have an appointment for july 15 to find out if dillon will have a little brother or sister! once again, you'll have to check back to see a picture of my ever-growing belly soon ;) ben and i are doing well also. our businesses are doing well. there was actually a write up on the bug-a-roo business in the jackson sun!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! i also have had the opportunity to meet with a few girls about wedding planning outside of our church! i have packages and everything that i can offer for a great wedding ;) hopefully that will continue to grow. ben's business is going well, too. he's plugging away at getting more clients, and we patiently wait for the Lord to provide for us. we know He is! we pray God's blessings on you! come see us soon!!
this is dillon sitting up in the living room. isn't he a doll!!?!?!?