Wednesday, November 24, 2010

so much to be thankful for

well, i am officially the world's worst blogger. if anyone still reads, thank you! if anyone still cares, thank you!!
now, on to new things ;)
i was reflecting today on things i'm thankful for. there are so many! and so many that i know i haven't even thought of! so, i'm going to list them as they come to my mind.
  • my amazing husband who works so hard to keep me happy, keep our boys happy, provide for our family so i can stay home with the kids, and who is an amazing man of God, who leads our body of Christ in worship every week and loves it
  • my 2 (soon-to-be-3) boys. what a JOY! they are the epitome of wonderful. they happen to both be 2 at the time (this happens two weeks our of every year), and they are wonderful. i love the way they play together, how they don't sleep well in separate rooms, how they love me and have squeezed me more in the past two days than every before.
  • my family, who is about to welcome our 10th baby into the myatt/williams/tankersley family. lee and lili are adopting from russia and officially have a son! they passed court!!!! he will be here in time for Christmas, and i'm sure that it will be a Christmas that we will ALWAYS remember.
  • my church family, who love me despite who i am, who walk through this life with me, and teach me how to be a better woman of God, wife, and mother.
  • the williams' family, who loves me like i've always been a williams. they could hang out with me and not ben and all would be well and we would feel like it's always been this way.
  • our new house. have i mentioned the size of our backyard? and the fact that i have a music room and we have a playroom? and the fact that ben works from home now, so we get to see him throughout the day?! i love it!
  • my bffs, hannah, and glenna. i love the way they know me better than anyone else does (besides ben, and let's face it, he's my real bff ;)), love me just the same, and can quote you've got mail with me over and over and over again.
  • my friends who are here and abroad. my "new" mommy friends at ccc, and my "old" mommy friends who live in texas, arizona, and alabama.
  • i'm so thankful that at nights, ben and i relax, turn on the tv, and watch another rerun of scrubs because we love it so much.
  • above everything else, i'm so thankful for a God who loves me, who died for me, and who continues to show me the gospel every day...sometimes in a new way. a God who is my first love and who calls me His daughter. a God who my boys ask about everyday. wow. so thankful.
so, without further adieu, i will leave you with a couple pictures of the things i'm thankful for. happy thanksgiving everyone.
"The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26