Saturday, August 25, 2007

and i said "hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey, yeah, yeah..."

I said hey, what's going on?
there are actually a LOT of things going on with ben and me right now. first of all, we thank you all for your prayers for dillon and for ben's step dad, dave. dave and brenda are doing much better and actually just bought a new house in edmond! we can't wait to get out there and see it and see the whole family out that way. dillon is still developing really well. he's growing and growing. ben actually felt him move for the first time last weekend! it was such a great thing! i had been feeling him move for a while (and it just feels like a little alien moving in you), but it was really great when ben felt him move :).
also, ben's new movie that he is working on with kirby is just about to get off the ground. praise the LORD!!! we are really looking forward to this getting going completely. kirby has signed the document we were looking for, and so now it's just a matter of everyone else following through. you can still pray for that to completely get going.
janie, in the past week, has started a new job at what was formerly the Cerebral Palsy Center in jackson. the name has changed to the West TN Center for Child Development in the past few months and it's probably going to change again ;). our friend, ben hickey, was the teacher in the school age classroom, but he has found his wife in ethiopia and they were married at the beginning of july! you can look at brian's blog to see their picture, or you can look at patrick's blog to see a wedding picture. we're very excited for them. since pepo's visa is having a hard time getting to them, they are having to stay in ethiopia which opened up his position at the center. so, i have started working there, and, honestly, it's pretty overwhelming. i've never taught children that are as medically fragile as my kids are; however, i am already falling in love with all of them. you definately can pray for e though, for patience and a dilligence to continue on with what i need to do.
on happier news, we are busily working on our house. ben put insulation in above the office/guest room today, and we just got finished painting up there last weekend. now, we just need to do the floors and move the bed, then we will be ready to paint and work on dillon's room! it seems as though we're never going to get there, but i know that we will ;). i'll post some pictures as soon as we download them.
next weekend is our 2nd anniversary! my parents are celebrating their 35th this week and it seems like we've been married for longer that 2 years, but it's pretty cool that we feel like we've been married for longer than 2 years, but not 35 ;). we're going to go to nashville and stay at union station for two nights, then have monday to get ready to go back to work on tuesday. we're really looking forward to a needed weekend of rest. i will post some pictures when we get back from nashville, too. here's a picture from our last anniversary trip to st. louis.

i guess that's about all that's going on. it's a LOT! anyway, we'd love to see and hear from you, so come see us or call us. we love you all!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

pregnancy week 23

so this is me at week 23. (well at least tomorrow) ben and i have had a very busy 4 weeks and this was the first night that we didn't have any plans at all. yea! it was so nice to not have to rush to fix dinner and we enjoyed a leisurely chicken ceasar salad and baked potato (made by yours truly :)) anyway, we love you all and hope everyone is doing well. i'll post pictures of my nieces and nephew soon. we had a great time with them and bill and mel this past weekend. we miss you already!

me at 23 weeks ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ben's blog

ben just updated his blog and he did a very very good job of updating everyone on what's been going on over the last four weeks. he's a lot more transparent than i am. ;) he's such a good man. i'm so thankful to have him as a husband to teach me, love me, and to protect me, and soon to be the father of my first child. anyway, i didn't mean to get mushy, but it's the truth! here's a link to's call peenerbutter ;)

i'll post some pictures later. (that's for you, hannah)