Sunday, August 12, 2007

ben's blog

ben just updated his blog and he did a very very good job of updating everyone on what's been going on over the last four weeks. he's a lot more transparent than i am. ;) he's such a good man. i'm so thankful to have him as a husband to teach me, love me, and to protect me, and soon to be the father of my first child. anyway, i didn't mean to get mushy, but it's the truth! here's a link to's call peenerbutter ;)

i'll post some pictures later. (that's for you, hannah)

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Alicia Beth said...

Hey girl ! I miss you. I just read Ben's blog.Know that you guys are in my prayers.If I can help in anyway,let me know. If it's just meeting at starbucks to allow you a "vent"session or just bringing dinner one night,etc just let me know. Continue to be the trusting praying couple I know you are and I know God will provide for all your needs :)
All my love, alicia