Tuesday, August 14, 2007

pregnancy week 23

so this is me at week 23. (well at least tomorrow) ben and i have had a very busy 4 weeks and this was the first night that we didn't have any plans at all. yea! it was so nice to not have to rush to fix dinner and we enjoyed a leisurely chicken ceasar salad and baked potato (made by yours truly :)) anyway, we love you all and hope everyone is doing well. i'll post pictures of my nieces and nephew soon. we had a great time with them and bill and mel this past weekend. we miss you already!

me at 23 weeks ;)


Hannah Fields said...

that is what i am talking about. You look so good and pregnant!!! janes thanks for the pics. hey was the movie good?

piper said...

soak it up...then STOP doing anything but sleeping for at least the last 10 weeks of your pregnancy.

Janie Sue, trust me on this!!!

There is really no way to prepare a new Mom for the total lack of sleep that WILL HAPPEN immediately when baby love is born. YOU WILL NOT SLEEP FOR MONTHS!

Listen to me!

I say it with love.

you do look wonderful!

Glenna Marshall said...

You look great! You've grown since I saw you last! :)

Alicia Beth said...

awww,you look so good Janie.you're just glowing :)