Wednesday, August 24, 2005

10 Days out!

We have a grand total of ten days left before our wedding. Ben is working late tonight (just like our first blog) so I'm typing just a little bit to procrastinate writing thank you notes. hehe. It's very very exciting that we only have ten days before we get married. There are still a lot of plans to be made, and we are anticipating a GREAT day on September 3. All of our family is coming to celebrate our special day and many friends from far away are coming, too. It's amazing how things come together when two people who love each other know that they are supposed to get married. We LOVE it!!!!!
On another note, my mom told me the other day that the police have made it a law that if you are talking on your cellya (that's cell phone for those that don't know), you must have a "Hands-free Device." I was like what in the world...because I am always on my phone without my headset because it's too hard and I can't hear well enough. Well, Ben's boss just walked into his office and he has the FAT DADDY of all cell phone head sets. It's freakin' head phones with a little mic that comes out of it! WHAT IN THIS WORLD?!?!?!?! It has this cord that's about five feet long and you can plug it in to a cordless phone as well. It's crazy!!! So, I'll drink to anyone who's willing to use a hands-free headset and to those that are willing to be a little safer. I'll also drink to those that don't, because it just is more fun! Love to all and to all a good night!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So That's What You Mean

Ben and Janie have just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out all this modern technology stuff. One would think with a graphic designer and special education teacher, we could figure this out much quicker. However, "We ain't so smort"

Protestant vs. Protestant

Well, I am working and no one is in the office. I've been waiting for some quiet time to post. Janie posted our first entry, now it's my turn (crack the knuckles). I don't really have anything profound to say except that I recently read a reflection on John Michael Talbot's Website concerning the Catholic and Protestant churches. Very interesting. You should check it out:

As I read it, I was thinking not so much about Catholic/Protestant but Protestant/Protestant. JMT talks about the ego and how it plays into our relationships and even fellowships. Janie and I have been blessed with much good teaching and I honestly don't know what to do with it. While it is beneficial to us and our discipleship, it also puffs me up and my ego seeks subtle differences from my brothers in Christ to encourage itself. "They are ok here, but they miss the point there..." I don't think anyone is meant to keep knowledge for it's own sake so passing it on in some way is the obvious point. Knowledge without love is vile. It is a heart issue. I need a heart of love. JMT exposes it. I wish I could love as Christ loves. I have felt the love of Christ swell within me but no matter how much that happens, I am amazed to find how much I don't love as Christ does. I'm convinced that this is what He means when He says we are guilty of murder when we call our brothers "fools." When the groom sees himself reflected in His bride, he sees true beauty. This is the beauty I want.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Last Month

Ben and Janie only have one more month (really only 25 days...but really, who's counting?) until they are MARRIED!!!! YEA!!!! As they hurriedly try to finish up last minute details, the important stuff can get left out. Ben's step dad, Dave is here this week to work on our kitchen that was demolished last time he was here. For those of you who don't know, Ben bought a house in January and we have been trying to fix it up and remodel it before Sept. 3, but we both know that that probably isn't going to happen...sad! However, we're so thankful that Dave could be here this week and we hope that he gets a lot of stuff done. In the meantime, Janie is starting back to teaching...what in the world?!?...for the last month before she and Ben get married. Can you tell that we're a little bit excited about getting married?!?! So, she will soon see how she handles this year's class. Hopefully, it won't be that bad, and maybe she'll like it even a little bit more than last year. We're still trying to figure all this stuff out a little bit, so if anyone has any advice they'd like to offer, we will gladly take it. Well, we must close for tonight, as Ben has to finish up the Pickwick Sun and Janie needs to do some more wedding planning. Much love to all!
ben and janie