Wednesday, August 24, 2005

10 Days out!

We have a grand total of ten days left before our wedding. Ben is working late tonight (just like our first blog) so I'm typing just a little bit to procrastinate writing thank you notes. hehe. It's very very exciting that we only have ten days before we get married. There are still a lot of plans to be made, and we are anticipating a GREAT day on September 3. All of our family is coming to celebrate our special day and many friends from far away are coming, too. It's amazing how things come together when two people who love each other know that they are supposed to get married. We LOVE it!!!!!
On another note, my mom told me the other day that the police have made it a law that if you are talking on your cellya (that's cell phone for those that don't know), you must have a "Hands-free Device." I was like what in the world...because I am always on my phone without my headset because it's too hard and I can't hear well enough. Well, Ben's boss just walked into his office and he has the FAT DADDY of all cell phone head sets. It's freakin' head phones with a little mic that comes out of it! WHAT IN THIS WORLD?!?!?!?! It has this cord that's about five feet long and you can plug it in to a cordless phone as well. It's crazy!!! So, I'll drink to anyone who's willing to use a hands-free headset and to those that are willing to be a little safer. I'll also drink to those that don't, because it just is more fun! Love to all and to all a good night!


The Larsen Wells' said...

well, you could just drink and that makes everything better anyway...who cares about hands free or not...
in the immortal words of Stuart McKenzie

the Marshall's said...

ten freakin' days!!!! AAHHHH!!! i'm SO looking forward to the ol' bachelorette shower tomorrow night.
hey, is the hands free law thing in all states or in TN? If it's just in TN right now...then i'm more and more thankful for the good old show-me-state!!!