Tuesday, September 13, 2005


FINALLY! No more plans about the wedding. Janie and I have found other things to talk about. We were married on September 3, 2005 and spent the next five days in Durham, New Hampshire. We had wonderful beer, great food and great....uhh weather. It was beautiful. Thanks to all who came to our wedding. It was amazing to see everyone. We wanted our wedding to be Christ exalting; we wanted it to be a worship service. Janie and I are so changed by Christ and we want Him to be central in our marriage. It blessed us to serve our attendants during communion and to hear the voices of our family and friends sing about the Great Wedding to come. We hope that if you believe in Christ, you were moved to exalt Him and if you do not believe in Christ, you were intriqued by the idea of marriage imulating His love for the church.

Our apologies to those who we spoke to very briefly if at all. A reception is never long enough.

I'm sure Janie will have a lot more to post so stay tuned. I'm at work and have to go. I've got bacon to bring home now.

Peace of Christ to you, whoever you may be and wherever you are.



The Larsen Wells' said...

so excited to see you guys pictures! :) can't wait to talk to you both soon!
Amanda and Brian

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the Marshall's said...

ok, i know you're still "honeymooning" and stuff, but you need to update!! Post some wedding pics!!!!!