Saturday, June 03, 2006

Our awesome nephew michael

this is going to be a short post about our nephew, michael. the other day, my sister, lili, was at home with her kids. michael, who is now 3 1/2 (i can't believe it!) was playing a "song" on the piano for her. when he's playing the piano, he always says "isn't that g-a-orge-ous?" he has a very southern accent already. God bless him! anyway, so, he was playing a song and lili said "who taught you that?" michael said "uncle ben rickys!" then, after thinking for a minute, he realized that ricky (william marshall) is not the same as williams, our last name. so, then, he said "i mean uncle ben williams!" i thought you might enjoy that ricky! michael might be a genius before the day is over and he might already be smarter than i am...well, maybe not :) hope everything is going well with everyone. when i get home, i'll post a picture of sweet michael. love to all! 
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