Friday, April 18, 2008

georgia on my mind

well, this is a much needed post! i have been so busy and haven't been able to just make myself sit down and blog! we got to go to atlanta a couple of weeks ago and spend some time with ben's dad, meri, aunt sandy (which sadly, i got no pictures of :(), and aunt jeanine. we had a BLAST! we went to the georgia aquarium which apparently is the biggest aquarium in the world. i'm not so sure about that, but it is pretty cool. and we had a great time getting there, right pop? other than that, we at a LOT and we played cards only about 10 hours/day. we had a very good time and were so glad to get to see everyone. here's some pictures from the week! to see more go here.

dillon with granny and grandpa

dillon being silly with grandpa

dillon and aunt jeanine

jellyfish at the favorite picture i took ;)

our family picture at the spring, this will be a double stroller!

dillon with dad and grandpa. he's a little more interested in the fish than in the camera. oh well!

we also had an ultrasound yesterday! everything looks great. i am 7 weeks TODAY and that puts my due date at december 5, one day after my birthday, one week before mimi's birthday, 6 days before dillon's birthday, and 24 days before daddy's birthday. oh my word. december is going to be very exciting! so, we got to see the heartbeat and it's so amazing that God has created another being inside of me. we are so blessed to have this second bundle of joy. right now, the baby is a centimeter long and his/her heart is the size of a poppyseed. however, we still got to see it. i'm so amazed by that! so, there is only ONE baby in there and i do have to say that i'm a bit relieved. i think that i would have been excited for twins, but two babies one and under will be plenty for me ;) we love you all and would love to hear from you soon!!
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

dillon is so good!

well, i just wrote a post and blogger lost it! don't you hate it when that happens?!?! anyway, the past two weeks have been very busy with trying to get dillon on a good napping schedule. i think i have FINALLY figured it out...when to lay him down, how long he'll sleep, etc, to allow us to have a good evening together and not a crazy, screaming evening. this picture shows how dillon was pretty distressed this day...crying a lot and such...but he would stop crying when i wold take a picture of him. i didn't abuse that, though ;) even if he is crying, i think he's pretty great, still!

when we would eat dinner, we used to put dillon in his bouncy seat in between us on the floor. he would either go to sleep, or just talk to us and play while we were eating. well, just recently, he has decided to let everyone who is at the table with us know that he is down there. so, we decided to try out the high chair and pull him up to the table so that he could see what was going on! he LOVES it!!! thank you so much, grandpa and granny, for the high chair! we're getting use out of it WAY before we thought we would!

isn't he adorable?!?!

and this is a picture of our dear friend, reba dudley. she LOVES dillon so much and is SO excited for #2 to get here ONE WEEK before dillon turns ONE...that's right, we're pregnant! (some of you had seemed a bit confused by our last post ;)) we are so thankful for this second bundle of joy and so blessed to be able to be parents. we LOVE it!! so, this is macy that reba is holding. she is another friends baby who is one week older than dillon, but she's so TINY compared to him!! i guess dillon like to eat...just like his daddy and mommy! we love you all and hope you're doing well! dillon is awake from his nap, so i need to go. we'd love to hear from you soon!