Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer, 2009!

at lake erie. it was beautful!

well, we have definitely had a VERY busy summer! it has been so much fun, but it's been a little more busy than we like it to be ;)

however, we have gotten to see several of you, and for that we are very grateful. our bus-i-ness isn't going to subside at all anytime soon. once august 8 gets here, we have something going on every weekend until the end of september! AUGHHH! i'm sure that i will probably post little updates, especially on the boys, but if i don't, don't hate me ;) haha

the boys are getting bigger everyday and so much more fun everyday! this past week, some kind of yuckiness has hit janie, so there's been a little more aggrivation on her part, but i'm sure that will subside once i am feeling better. we did take a trip to ohio for a williams family reunion of sorts. ben's aunt sandy turned 60 and had a big blow out of a party! needless to say, everyone loves aunt san and you could definitely tell at her party. i think there was a total of about 80 people there! and only 19 of us were family! ha! also, ben has moved into his office space! we have yet to post pictures, because, well, it needs some work done to it. however, we're hoping for a trip to ikea in the near future to get a conference table and some other things to spiff it up a bit. so, pictures of the office will have to come later. he is LOVING it though! and God is really blessing his work. he has been SO busy since we got home, and in the meantime, he has found time to treat me like a queen since i have been sick. (even bringing me soup for two meals in a row). ♥

now on to the good stuff. here's some new photos. i'll timeline it as they appear so you don't have to scroll back and forth ;)

night, night, mr. brother (isaac)

dave is amazing and has finished painting 1/4 of our house!

what usually happens in the evening. everyone on the couch! petey was at ben's feet ;) all my boys [love it!]

being silly at bathtime. it's an adventure and lately, i think i have ended up wetter than both boys put together.


a little light reading!

one of isaac's bffs, audrey jones. she is almost exactly one month younger than him! she already loves him!

one of the BEST summer toys! (thank you, mimi!!!!)

first diamond jaxx game of the season! there will be more of those to come!!
with our friends, landon and stacy preston! they're expecting baby #1 in january and we CAN'T WAIT!!!!

one happy baby!

dillon got his first haircut given by his granny.

big boy. (very bittersweet by the way)

snapping grass with aunt jen jen. he thinks she's really cool...oh wait, she is really cool!

playing with mommy. i love my boys!
on the way to and from ohio, we stayed with my bff and fer family, hannah (and the rest of the fields!) we had five kids all 3 and under in a four bedroom house. it was fun, but c-r-a-z-y!! florida, here we come!!!

and when we got home, our friend grayson may was in town for a visit. grayson is one week older than dillon. needless to say, dillon would rather be playing with grayson than taking pictures with grayson!
and there's a happy boy!!!

that's a lot that went on in a month! sadly, i got almost no pictures from ohio! i need to get better at that! here's the whole family!!