Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well, on this particular Saturday night, Ben and I are finally at home together after having a long day of errands and work (for Ben). However, it is so peaceful coming into our home and knowing that it is ours and that we are at HOME. My friend, Glenna Marshall has just moved to Sikeston, MO, "the home of the throwed rolls!" Well, not only is this the home of the throwed rolls, but now it is the Marshall's home as well, and it's finally feeling like home to them, after 6 long months of being there. I feel like that tonight, for one of the few times in mine and Ben's marriage (almost exactly 5 months ;)). We walked into our house from a long day of doing things that can't get done during the week, and it was SO peaceful to walk into our house. Ben is sitting here playing his guitar, Petey is playing with his rope, and I'm just enjoying all of it. There really is "no place like home." I know that's a little cheesy, but I think that Whiz is my middle name sometimes...ok, a lot of the time!
Tomorrow we have church in the morning and we're going to have lunch with my dad, Sam, and the Tankersleys (my sister and her family). I'm very excited about church tomorrow. Ben and I lead worship together at our church, and Ben and a friend of ours, Craig Davis, are about to start a website for the church. He is SOOO excited about this because he gets to do what he loves for ministry purposes, not just ar VIP. It's great leading worship as two people that represent Christ and His Church. This is what I've always longed for, and Christ has truly blessed me to be able to be a part of this ministry with my husband. Well, I'm pretty much just rambling, but I wanted you all to know about this great feeling I am having tonight. I hope your Saturday night is just as good as mine. May the Lord bless you tomorrow.
P.S. please be praying for both Ben's grandfather and my grandmother. They have both been in the hospital recently and are sortof on the mend. Both of these amazing people have been such an influence in our lives as Godly mentors. Please lift them up and pray and plead for God's healing. Thanks in advance for your prayers! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

in the house


Some of you have asked to see pictures of the house. these are the most recent that we have, but we'll have a scrapbook waiting when everything is done! it's really exciting to see where it has come over the last few months! we love all of you and hope to hear from you soon! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Michael and Zoe dressed up like Mary and a king for Papa to recite the Christmas story from Luke 2 and they acted it out. It was awesome! We can't wait till we have the whole Nativity Scene able to be acted out!!

I'm a happy mom!!

Petey loves his daddy!

This Old House

As many of you know, Ben bought a house a year ago that needed a LOT of work. We had not started dating yet, but we did about four months later and, needless to say, the house got put on hold. Well, Pop, Ben's dad, came to town last week, and we all know that when Pop comes to town, things get done. We LOVE it when he comes ;). He painted a lot of the downstairs' trim and Ben and him put the first coat on the living room. THEN, Ross and Ben hung crown molding in the living room, entry way, and dining room on Saturday. I must say that I was very impressed as neither of them had ever done this on their own before AND they did all three rooms in 5 hours. Pretty rad! So, our rooms are now painted except for the breakfast nook and the entry way, however, they all need another coat except for the bedrooms and bathroom. Ben has also turned the upstairs into his study. He and Ben Hickey broke it in the other night with a couple of pipes, and the first-ever game of darts in the Williams's house. They had a GREAT time. With all of the house stuff going on, we haven't had much time for much more, although we have been incredibly busy. It's amazing how much we forget work over the holidays. I have to find all the pictures of the house before and after, but I will tomorrow (since State-employed workers are off tomorrow) and I will post them as soon as that happens. We love our house and would love for any of you to come and visit anytime. We have a spare bedroom, so whenever you would like to come, you're welcome!
We are also very excited about a great opportunity that we have starting in February. Walton Padelford, one of our elders, is going to start a Bible study on Romans, verse by verse, simply teaching the Word of God. We are so excited about this and about having everyone in our home for soup and study at the Williams'.
Also, many of you have asked about Petey. He is doing excellent and his personality is really starting to shine through. He's becoming a lot more energetic (although not as crazy as gunther) and a lot more fun. His vet says he's growing as he should (he's doubling in weight every time we go to the vet!) and everything is going great. Here's a picture of him...(look up). We hope all is going well with everyone. Come see us're always welcome. Love you guys!

Monday, January 02, 2006