Monday, March 27, 2006

here we go again

i'm about to be really mad if this doesn't work. i included the pictures that didn't go through on the previous post. we'll see

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here they are in some sort of order. these are actually the first four pictures. the blog ahead of this one (sent later) will be the final two. so sorry about that! picasa will only let me blog four at a time...that's a little annoying because if you know me at all you know i love pictures. anyway, let me know if these are better. love to all!
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

a little help?

will someone please let me know if the pictures are showing up on our blog? everytime i go to it, it's just x's. thanks so much!

sorry about the pics.

hey, all. i just wanted to add the pictures again from the previous post because i don't think that they are showing up. they're not showing up on my or ben's computer. so, here they are, in the same order! i hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


so, ben and i went to chattanooga a few weekends ago. we have just had enough time to post some pictures, though of what a great time we had. we started off the weekend by eating breakfast at this amazing coffee house called aretha frankenstein's. this was my favorite part of the weekend. they had amazing coffee, breakfast, and it was right up mine and ben's alley. here's some of the aquarium which is pretty cool actually. they have a river part and an ocean part, then we also went to the imax 3-d ocean. it was a blast as well.
These first three pictures are of the aquarium. we saw the world's largest turtle shell (ok, mybe it was a replica, because they're keeping it in pretty good shape) and ben and i really like turtles (as you can tell from the next pic;)). we did have a blast at the aquarium. there's so much to do in chattanooga as well. it's a great place for a mini-vacation if anyone is looking for a place to go sometime soon.
we ate at a place called sticky fingers which has AMAZING bar-b-que and ribs. i ate a WHOLE HALF a slab of ribs. usually i only eat about 1/4 or 1/3. it was so so so good!
Then, this is chattanooga 1/2 mile pedestrian bridge. it's really cool and it overlooks the tennessee river (which we all know isn't THAT great, but hey, it's water!) we ate ice cream (after sticky fingers) at a great homemade ice cream parlor called clemmy's and then walked around for a long time downtown. it was so much fun and it has a great atmosphere about it.
we ended the weekend with rock city where you can supposedly see 7 states. i don't really know if i buy all of that. but, nonetheless, it was beautiful little hike that we went on to get to the top. this pic is of what they call lover's leap. there's a story that goes with it about 2 indians that were desperately in love with each other, but were forbidden to be together, so one leaped off the cliff and the other came tumbleing right behind! anyway, that's my favorite picture from the weekend. we hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

yea for days off

well, ben finally had a day off that he could take and do anything that he wanted to. we thought it was a bit ironic because on his day off from sitting in front of a computer, he sat in front of a computer all day...hehe. he has a couple of other blogs that he is working on. i think i've mentioned before that we are hosting a Bible study taught by walton padelford on friday nights and are going throuh the book of Romans. it has been AMAZING!!!! i have never had the opportunity to be taught like this and i love it so much! ben has sat under walton's teaching before on a regular basis and to be taught by him is simply amazing. anyway, (i'm way off track) ben decided that he would type up the notes from our study and post them on a new blog. it is you can read all of his notes. i actually accidently got on another one, and it seemed that it might have some cool things on it, too. the other blog that ben is working on is one called southern orthodoxy. This is a magazine idea that he has had for awhile now and it is just now coming to somewhat of fruition. it's really exciting and if it ever does become a real magazine, it would be really really cool. so, if you know any publishers, let us know. :) also, e-mail us and let ben know what you think about southern orthodoxy. we'd love to hear your take on the Gospel.
on another hand, we are going to take a little trip to chattanooga to simply get away for a weekend. we took sunday off of church and are leaving on friday and will return sunday. we really don't have any plans...we've talke about alot of things, but haven't nailed down anything, we're just excited about getting out of jackson away from the norm and having a little time to ourselves. with that said, we have to go to bedb bath and beyond. (i love that store) to get more towels. we hope all is well with everyone and hope to hear from you soon!!!