Sunday, March 30, 2008

oh and one more thing

dillon will be a big brother in december :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

long time no update

well, everything is going so well here in the williams's house. we are making some pretty big decisions about work and such, but when are we not making decisions about work? :) so, since the last update, ben's mom and step dad came for a visit! we had a great time with mom and dave and we know that dillon had a great time. it was very relaxing and fun to be able to vent, hang out, and eat out and in with them. :)

dillon with grammy and pawpaw. isn't this the best picture?!?!

we also had holy week that week. holy week is such an important part of the church calendar at CCC. during this week, we have what we call a Jesus Feast on Maundy Thursday. at this Jesus Feast, everything we eat is symbolic. for instance, we have lamb (Jesus), wine (the blood of Jesus), pita bread (unleavened bread and the body of Jesus), olives (which we're not sure what it's symbolic of...) and some other things that are really good. so, this is the best meal that we have as a church body every year. we had about 100 people there this year...the biggest yet, and we just praise God for what He's doing at Christ Community. then, we also have a Good Friday service, which was the hardest service i've ever been a part of. i was completely reminded of my sins (which is very fitting) and also, at the same time, reminded of what Jesus truly did for me on the cross. He died for me because HE wanted to. it wasn't my fault that He went to the cross. it's because He loves me and wanted to fulfill the prophets. i love Jesus. so, anyway, back to the services, we also had holy prayers on saturday that ben went to, but dillon and i decided to stay home since he had a pretty fussy week. (still sorry grammy and pawpaw for that) then, Easter sunday arrives! that is THE BEST service ever at CCC. i truly felt like i was in the heavenlies. ben did an amazing job with worship and we were just so excited that Jesus ROSE FROM THE GRAVE and ascended into heaven! PRAISE THE LORD for that!

this is dillon on easter morning. this is the only pic i got of him. sad.

so, onto what else has been going on. dillon continues to grow and make us laugh so hard everyday. today, we were sitting at the table eating pizza for dinner and dillon was in his bouncy seat in between us. all he would do is spit and make hilarious sounds. we laughed all through dinner at dillon! so, he's continuing to change daily and we are working really hard on our napping schedule. i think that today was a breakthrough. he did so well today until his fussy time tonight. so, anyway, we are doing well. dillon sat up in his bed for the first time today (leaning up against the rail of course) and he thought it was the greatest thing in the world. he was laughing and smiling, and then he would just fall over. so i would set him back up and the next time i would look at him, he would be face down in his stuffed animals. he's so much fun! here's some fun pictures to enjoy from today. we love you all!!

this is my FAVORITE picture from today! he's SUCH a HAM!!!

and he fell over ;) what's going on here?

still falling...

and now we're happy again! it looks like he's saying cheese!

and my other favorite. please notice the drool (yes, he has started teething, but no teeth yet, and please notice how dirty his shirt is in every other picture. thanks, lili, for showing me that you don't have to change your kids clothes after everytime they spit up or get something on them :))

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 months old!

dillon is 3 months old!! can you believe that?!?!? i really can't. he's getting so big and so expressive! i LOVE it!!! we are having a blast with him. we had a great time in louisville a couple of weeks ago and dillon continues to make us smile everyday. also, thanks for all of your support for the bug-a-roo company and ben's new company, too! here's a few pics to enjoy. thanks again for checking in on us!

dillon is sitting up in the couch! so much fun!!

dillon in his new bumbo seat. he can't quite hold his head up well yet, but he's getting there!

looking at daddy play the guitar.

here are a few pictures from our trip to louisville! we had a really great time with the tankersleys and fields.

michael, our big, 5 year old nephew. he's so much fun ;)

me, marie, and dillon. marie is ALL ABOUT dillon! she's 3 and oh so much fun, too!

aunt lili and dillon. such a good aunt!

sisters, and bff forever! i LOVE this picture!

lee (my brother in law) and luke, he's 1 year old. he wasn't exactly happy here, but lee obviously was ;)

hannah and me. she is one of my bffs. i guess that makes for a pretty great weekend.

daddy and dillon playing outside. we've had GREAT weather here, so it's been so much fun to take dillon out and about in it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

bug-a-boo blog!

good morning to all! i have been working very hard on slings and the bug-a-boo concept. i have just created a bug-a-boo blog. it's called please check it out often for new fabrics and products, as well as opportunities for parties and purchasing. thanks to everyone who has bought a sling so far and please continue to spread the word! we love you!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

it's up and running!!

it's the moment you've all been waiting for! BWCreative is ALIVE and WELL!!!! ben has gotten his website up as of this week sometime. we are praying (and you can pray with us) that people will start calling him for work. he's realized that there are a couple of other graphic designers in jackson that make it on freelancing in jackson. that was very good news to hear ;). also, i (janie) have started a little business kinda. i'm making slings for babies! we named them bug-a-boos and there's a couple of potentials for how i am going to sell them. as of right now, they are $35 and if you're interested, you can let me know and i will hook you up. woo hoo! so, ben and i are just taking care of ourselves and being entrepreneurs. something that we thought would never happen, but is, and it's good. so, check out BWCreative and buy a bug-a-boo and let everyone you know know about the williams! haha!

on other notes, dillon is doing great. he is changing every day. he is holding his head up so well and he loves his swing...something we just got out yesterday. i think he could sit in it all day long.

he continues to roll over and is very close to rolling from his back to front. we would love to see you all sometime soon! pleae let us know how you're doing!!!

isn't he an angel!!!