Tuesday, March 04, 2008

it's up and running!!

it's the moment you've all been waiting for! BWCreative is ALIVE and WELL!!!! ben has gotten his website up as of this week sometime. we are praying (and you can pray with us) that people will start calling him for work. he's realized that there are a couple of other graphic designers in jackson that make it on freelancing in jackson. that was very good news to hear ;). also, i (janie) have started a little business kinda. i'm making slings for babies! we named them bug-a-boos and there's a couple of potentials for how i am going to sell them. as of right now, they are $35 and if you're interested, you can let me know and i will hook you up. woo hoo! so, ben and i are just taking care of ourselves and being entrepreneurs. something that we thought would never happen, but is, and it's good. so, check out BWCreative and buy a bug-a-boo and let everyone you know know about the williams! haha!

on other notes, dillon is doing great. he is changing every day. he is holding his head up so well and he loves his swing...something we just got out yesterday. i think he could sit in it all day long.

he continues to roll over and is very close to rolling from his back to front. we would love to see you all sometime soon! pleae let us know how you're doing!!!

isn't he an angel!!!


Glenna Marshall said...

I've already put in my order!!!

Dillon really looks like Ben in that last picture. He looks so serious!

Hannah Fields said...

OOh I love them. I can't wait to get one of my own.
I can't wait to see that little blond headed baby!!!

Joi said...

Hey Janie. I was just going to write you and tell you what an encouragement your blog has been to me...especially the one you posted about God being so faithful. It is nice to be reminded by someone else that things aren't always perfect or even what we want them to be, but that God is still walking with us and that He is always out for our good and loves us...that He will never leave us t flounder out there by ourselves. That if we need Him He IS always there even if we don't feel Him. Thanks so much for reminding me... Love you and the fam, Joi