Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 months old!

dillon is 3 months old!! can you believe that?!?!? i really can't. he's getting so big and so expressive! i LOVE it!!! we are having a blast with him. we had a great time in louisville a couple of weeks ago and dillon continues to make us smile everyday. also, thanks for all of your support for the bug-a-roo company and ben's new company, too! here's a few pics to enjoy. thanks again for checking in on us!

dillon is sitting up in the couch! so much fun!!

dillon in his new bumbo seat. he can't quite hold his head up well yet, but he's getting there!

looking at daddy play the guitar.

here are a few pictures from our trip to louisville! we had a really great time with the tankersleys and fields.

michael, our big, 5 year old nephew. he's so much fun ;)

me, marie, and dillon. marie is ALL ABOUT dillon! she's 3 and oh so much fun, too!

aunt lili and dillon. such a good aunt!

sisters, and bff forever! i LOVE this picture!

lee (my brother in law) and luke, he's 1 year old. he wasn't exactly happy here, but lee obviously was ;)

hannah and me. she is one of my bffs. i guess that makes for a pretty great weekend.

daddy and dillon playing outside. we've had GREAT weather here, so it's been so much fun to take dillon out and about in it!

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Glenna Marshall said...

That is precious! I love his little squeaky laugh. :)

Great picture post!