Friday, July 04, 2008

pics from the weekend with the myatts

we tried to get dillon to drink out of his first sippy cup. i think he knew it was food...simply because he was pretty fussy when he couldn't get anything out and we had to feed him early because he was SO hungry, i'm SURE. :) we'll keep trying with the cup, though. he knew to put it in his mouth at least, so that's good!

not too happy here. I WANT SOME JUICE!!!!

and the newest picture of baby #2. this is at 18 weeks. he/she is G-R-O-W-I-N-G!

here are some pictures from our weekend with the myatts! we had "princess zoe's" birthday party. she is 6! can you believe it?!?! sadly, i got no pictures of tate, though. he is so cute and you can see a very cute picture of him on mel's blog.

michael and zoe after icing zoe's cake. they did do a pretty good job :)

marie and tessa sitting on mimi's step stools. they were having a great time!

michael made a mask and was a scary horned something...i'm not really sure what :)

luke is just cute!

zoe got a yellow guitar with a flower and a butterful on it (so cool!) so uncle ben tuned it and taught her a little beetle's song. i think that practice makes perfect ;)

to top off the weekend, michael and zoe made party hats for all the kids. i'm not really sure what dillon thought about the hat, though. at least he didn't grab it off his head!
i hope you've enjoyed the pictures of our fun weekend. i might have more after the 4th. we have two cookouts today! YIPPEE!!!! we love the grill!!! i need to go make some bug-a-roo things! we love you all!

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