Tuesday, July 01, 2008

what's new

hello, everyone!! it feels like it's been a while since i've last posted. thanks to all of you who have stayed true to our blog even though it's restricted now. i realized i left out some pretty key people (sorry) but i think that everyone who wants to see it can now ;) yea! and i hope you all will keep checking it even though you have to sign in. you can never be too sure about crazies in the world! we've had a busy few couple of weeks, consisting fo family, a wedding, a funeral, and a lot of fun.
my brother and sister-in-law and their three kids were here for a few days and two of their kids actually stayed with mimi and papa for an extra week! so, there was lots of swimming and playing that went on, as well as a very happy birthday to my great great aunt virgie!! she turned 100 years old so, of course, we had to celebrate ;) we had a great time at her party...even though you wouldn't be able to tell it from ANY of the kids' faces in this picture. ha! that is CLASSIC!! aunt virgie is the little lady in the blue. she still has a garden, and when the news interviewed her for turning 100, she said they had to go out to her garden because it is her favorite place. i think that she just stopped substitute teaching about 8-10 years ago, and she's as quick as a whip! we should've gotten my granny in this picture, too, then we would've had 5 generations of myatts. it's pretty amazing. last july, she fell OUT of her ATTIC while ironing and was in the hospital for a while. ben and i were prego with dillon at the time. we went to visit her july 4 weekend with mom and dad myatt and she was sleeping when we got there. she sat right up when she heard us talking and said "well, sammy, when did you get here?" it was like she had never skipped a beat! so, she knew we were pregnant and said we better bring dillon to see her when he got here. wellllll, she didn't meet dillon until her 100th birthday, and she knew exactly who he was, as well as all the other crazy kids in this picture! we had a great time!
aunt virgie in the blue, the tankersleys minus marie on the left, papa and the williamses in the middle, and the myatts plus marie and mimi on the right

while the myatts were here, we mostly swam and ate. that's pretty much what we always do. i don't have any pics yet, so i'll have to upload them when i put them on my computer (i can't find my camera right now). in other news (ie, the kids) dillon is sitting up on his own now and completely rolling over. he's also eating a new fruit/veggie every 3-4 days and he likes it so much, he doesn't even like to take his bottle after he eats. so, he might drink 1 oz after he eats some food ;) it is SO much fun feeding him! he is so funny!!! ben took a video that we'll have to download to his computer then, he'll have to post it on the blog. also, i'm about 18 weeks pregnant right now. we went to the doctor yesterday and we have an appointment for july 15 to find out if dillon will have a little brother or sister! once again, you'll have to check back to see a picture of my ever-growing belly soon ;) ben and i are doing well also. our businesses are doing well. there was actually a write up on the bug-a-roo business in the jackson sun!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! i also have had the opportunity to meet with a few girls about wedding planning outside of our church! i have packages and everything that i can offer for a great wedding ;) hopefully that will continue to grow. ben's business is going well, too. he's plugging away at getting more clients, and we patiently wait for the Lord to provide for us. we know He is! we pray God's blessings on you! come see us soon!!
this is dillon sitting up in the living room. isn't he a doll!!?!?!?


Glenna Marshall said...

I cannot BELIEVE Dillon is sitting UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shellandstephen said...

He looks so adorable! What a cute outfit on a growing boy!