Tuesday, July 08, 2008

what a great weekend!!!!

well, we decided to try the sippee cup without the stopper in it this weekend. dillon did much better and we're going to try again tonight. here's what it looked like...

i think i like this...

i DO like this!!!!!! (notice the trails of prune juice on his stomach!)

THEN, we were hanging out with the kennedys and the joneses eating pizza and STEFI calls me to say she is coming to jackson for the night!!! she was flying from texas back to georgia and they needed someone to go monday instead of sunday! so, she took them up on it! i was SO excited!!!!!!! notice the chocolate on my face...i was making brownies ;)

me, stefi, and dillon

THEN, my group of girl friends from high school decided to get together for dinner! it was GREAT! almost everyone has gotten married and there are more babies than just dillon in the mix, too ;) we had a great time!!!

erin, me, lori, dillon, ashley powell, jill, ashley akin, and sarah. we were missing ashley jackson, jenny, and erica. and yes, those are maiden names, and yes, there were THREE ashelys in our group of friends ;) we had a wonderful time.
we hope everything is going well for you guys. we're pretty busy this week, but that's good! we'd love to see you soon!
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Glenna Marshall said...

Yay for prune juice!!!!!!!! :) Dillon just makes me smile.

What a fun time--haven't seen any of those faces in a LONG time!

I miss you, Janie! We need to hang out and drink coffee (decaf for you, extra strength for me!).
Love you!