Thursday, June 19, 2008

he's here!!!

i want to thank all of you for praying for our sweet friends, william and glenna. they welcomed william "isaiah" marshall into the world on saturday, and, after much waiting and patience, are officially PARENTS to this sweet little boy!!!!!! hopefully they will get to come home to sikeston, mo, early next week and we will get to pamper glenna and william with all kinds of great things for this sweet baby. please continue to pray that all goes well with the continuation of the adoption.
dillon and i got to go to the zoo yesterday with my sister, lili, and her three kids, michael, marie, and luke. i'll post pictures of that later. dillon just chilled out in the stroller most of the time. however, fun was had by all! again, thanks so much for praying for william and glenna. hopefully i can put a picture up of little isaiah soon ;) love to all!!!!

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