Saturday, November 01, 2008

happy halloween!!!

so, last night was halloween! dillon is so you know...and he doesn't eat candy...but we took him trick-or-treating anyway! we only went to a few houses to show off our little monkey, but it was so good and fun to show him off!

grammy and dillon hanging out with the pumpkins ;)

trick or treating at mimi and papa's
and at granny's. she gave ben and janie "treats" as well ;) i love granny!!!

also, grammy has been here this past week. we have had such a good time with her! we've been shopping everyday, and i think that dillon and isaac are SET! we have been busy trying to figure out how both cribs will fit in the boys' room and i think we've figured it out, we just need to get rid of a chair. i'll post pictures of the finished product, but until then, here's a pic of dillon playing in isaac's bed. :) it was almost like this boy knew it wasn't his bed and he bounced around on that bed like he never has in his crib. it was a blast!!

here's a few more pictures, too, of new things that dillon is doing. he has 4 1/2 teeth and i think that 1/2 is going to break through any day. poor boy, he's been teething for about 3 weeks now, and i am ready for him to be done! he's such a good baby and he's so happy all the time. we can't wait for little isaac to get here. i just can't wait to see what he looks like and see if he has hair and if he has big feet and who he looks like! it's just going to be great!!! 4 1/2 weeks to go!!! YIPPEE!!!! we hope everyone had a happy halloween!!!

it's so fun to EAT!!!!


i'm SO big!!!

fun in the bathtub!!

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The Watsons said...

Dillon is so cute, he has the chubbiest cheeks, on a baby that is a good thing, on me, not so much! I keep losing you email address and i have been meaning to send you the link to pur blog so you can see jack eating a turkey sandwich, yes, i stole that from your video of dillon eating one. I watched it and thought jack would love it too, well i was wrong and it is funny, if you have a chance, watch it. it has been up for a few weeks so it is towards the bottom.
hope you all are doing well, we should get the little one together at the park soon..Mel