Monday, November 10, 2008

isaac's and dillon's room!

while ben's mom was here, we had a good time trying to figure out how to put two cribs in the boys' room. we did figure it out and i do have to say that it's cozy in there! dillon loves playing in his room and i'm sure that isaac will, too :). well, tonight, we hung isaac's name up that i made today while watching a couple episodes of gilmore girls (my fave). here's the finished product...

in other news, dillon has started cruising around furniture and wanting to walk EVERYWHERE! he holds on to our fingers and takes off! it's really fun seeing him pull up to standing and just growing like he should. we are SO thankful for a great little boy who is developing correctly. what a blessing that is. ben took a lot of pictures that i'm going to upload to can click the link in the right-hand column for all the pictures...but here are some of my faves :)

he loves to play the piano...seriously...he could stand here for HOURS!!!

love that paci...peek-a-boo!

isaac's big brother's, but a different color ribbon.

mommy and dillon playing...i think dillon was giving me a kiss...those are the best kisses :)

also, i had a show for bug-a-roo on saturday and union's arts in the park. it was a good day...VERY COLD...but good and we had a good time. we got the word out about my side biz and i'm looking forward to more orders and all that fun stuff after isaac gets here. i did go to the doctor yesterday and we are right on track! i'm not dilated or anything like that, but i am (from ben's orders and doctor's orders) trying to take it a little easier. one great thing is that i'm not working anymore and so dillon and i are able to have a little more time together...even though he misses aunt cilla, unkie kirby, aunt rach rach, caleb, and leah terribly!!! (that's who kept dillon while i worked for those who don't know.) i'm so thankful for our friends and family who have helped me out while i'm so big and so ready to have isaac! you guys are wonderful and mean more to us than you'll ever know.
we're also gearing up for thanksgiving and Christmas. ben and i were watching tv the other night and ben said "let's go get our tree now!" (this was actually about 3 weeks ago). so, we've started listening to Chrismas music and are very excited about Christmas this year and spending it with all of our family. we will go get our tree in a couple of weeks so that the house is decorated before isaac comes...hopefully :) it's very exciting to be able to spend the holidays with everyone and to start new traditions with dillon. we have an advent calendar and a little tree that i think we're going to put in the sunroom for his jesse tree ornaments...we'll see how that goes this year it will be a LOT of fun i'm sure. anyway, it's 8:38 and dillon is still sleeping...sometimes a good thing, no always a good thing to have a little bit more time in the morning than you think you will. he must be TIRED. we love you all and don't forget to look at the pics to the right on picasa!
just a couple more...i can't help it!!!
37 weeks! only 3 more to go!

that VERY COLD day at union. thanks to mimi, dillon was the warmest one out there and even slept for an HOUR with everyone around him!!

his new favorite thing! he's so proud!


The Lees said...

How cute is Dillon? And the room looks great!

jenny said...

The room is too cute!