Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sorry it's been so long

so, i realize i haven't updated in almost a month. there's not really any excuse for that except that we have been pretty busy, nothing huge has been going on, and dillon is doing great! we haven't had any visitors until just yesterday...ben's mom is in town for the rest of the week!!! it's always such a blessing to have grammy/brenda/mom here and i'm sure that we'll have lots of pictures to post afterwards. i don't even think that i have any new pictures to post of dillon...i'll look and see. we did get dillon's isaac's crib and mattress, dillon's new carseat, AND our double stroller ALL last weekend, thanks to grandparents and the wonderful girls that i used to work with at the salon. we are SO excited for isaac to get here and i'm so glad ben's mom IS here this week so she can help me arrange the two cribs, bookshelf, chest of drawers, changing table, and rocking chair that we have in the boys' room. we might have to do away with the rocking chair :( ... but i think i will live. ha! for those of you that are wondering...ben did hear back from aeneas. they are looking for more of a part-time person. well, ben is willing to negotiate with them if they are with them about him being that part-time person, but we will just have to wait and see what God does. praise Him, that ben has been VERY busy the past couple of weeks. this is usually his down week and the only reason i saw him during the day yesterday was because of the trip to the airport to get brenda. we praise God that He has given us the flexibility of having ben work from home and we are SO thankful for the steady, busy work that he has had! we pray that the Lord continues to bless ben in his efforts to provide for us. we know that God can do anything he wants, and we really really appreciate your prayers for our family. they have definitely been felt. as far as everything else goes, isaac continues to grow, praise the Lord. i went to the doc monday and she told me if i did go into labor, they wouldn't do anything to stop me. so, part of me would LOVE to go into labor NOW and part of me really wants this little guy to hang on for a little bit longer ;). i have been having contractions...nothing serious or regular, but i know that he is getting ready to get here and i am so excited for that. i can't wait to see what he looks like and to hold his little hand and kiss his little nose and see his little toes. anyway, we love you all and we thank God for His provision as of late. come see us soon!!

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Hannah Fields said...

i just scrolled down and saw those PRECIOUS pics of dillon. i remember when grace ate spagetti for the first time or maybe chili (we have noodles in ours) anyway it was fun. btw, i love the hair.