Monday, October 06, 2008

we love reading!!!

this is dillon's new favorite thing to do.

he LOVES this book tails. it's about all
the different kinds of animal tails, but i think what he likes the most about it is the different textures that it shows all of the animals having! it's a really cool book, even if it is torn up by the time he's three ;) he'll enjoy it for these three years.
dillon has also started doing a LOT of new things. we started him on table food (see the previous two posts), he started drinking from a sippee cup, we're weening him off of formula (praise Jesus) and he's crawling. that's right!!! he's not up on all fours yet, but this kid gets around!! sometimes he'll get really tired of crawling and just start rolling all over the place again, but he loves to crawl under the piano and play the pedals, he loves the door, and he loves to get under the table or chair and lay there and read. it's pretty fun to see this little personality coming out in our little boy! also, his favorite words as of late are mm-bop mm-bop mm-bop, pop pop pop, hada, and dada. i'm not sure that he realizes that he's talking about ben when he says dada, but we'll both take it for now.
as for other news, we only have 8 MORE WEEKS until little isaac gets here. i hate to say this, but i really am looking forward to not being pregnant and i'm looking forward to seeing what isaac looks like! that's THE most fun thing in the world!! i'll try to post a pic later of my HUUUUGE belly. it's crazy, this belly of mine ;) we love you all! here's a little video of dillon crawling. sorry it's a little dark.


The Lees said...

I love the army crawl! He is getting soo big! I want to see belly pics! I cannot believe he will be here so soon!

ethan and kristen said...

the crawling is so cute. I love that he is using his left amr to drag his little body across the floor! :) I have GOT to meet him! :)