Saturday, September 27, 2008

happy fall ya'll!

well, the weather isn't very fall-ish...although i think that it's coming to jackson next week! i LOVE fall!!! i think a lot of people do love fall, but it's just so wonderful when the high is 70 degrees, and the low is 50, and you get to wear hoodies and jean jackets and i just LOVE fall!! i love getting pumpkins to go on our front porch, i love eating pumpkin muffins and pumpkin roll (made by dottie herself, of course!), i love pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks, i love putting dillon in a long sleeve shirt with shorts on, i just LOVE fall! i love mums, i love the leaves changing and i REALLY love our neighborhood in the fall, because we have some of THE best trees in the state of tennessee!

so, to commemorate fall, we went to green acres pumpkin patch in milan, tn, today! that's milan with a long i. dillon wasn't really that sure what to think about all the pumpkins, but he did have a really good time hitting them like drums, and chewing on a couple of the stems (gross). even though it is 86 degrees today (hot still), i think the weather is going to be changing next week, which means i can get pansies and mums to go with all of our pumpkins that we got today! yippee!!!! here's a few pictures of dillon and the pumpkins. we hope you enjoy!

this is a good one, daddy!

look at how big that gourd is!!!

our little family :)

mommy and dillon

i like the drums!!!

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

do we even live in the same city anymore?! We never see you guys- look how big dillon is! i need an email address for you-
my phone shut down and i lost all numbers and emails.