Saturday, September 13, 2008

i can't believe it's been almost a month

for all my faithful readers, i'm SO sorry that it's been almost a MONTH since i posted!! there hasn't been a ton going on, but at the same time i haven't had time to update you guys on what's been going on so i guess that that means that there's been a lot going on! ha! we had some great friends, alice and aaron hardin, to get married on labor day weekend, which also happened to be mine and ben's third wedding anniversary weekend! here's a pic of me and ben on our honeymoon in massachusettes, 9.3.05. i coordinated the wedding, but mimi and papa kept dillon so that we could "get away" at our house for the evening. we had a great time at the wedding and thank you to mimi and papa for keeping dillon so we could sleep in a little bit on saturday morning. after that, we went to FLORIDA!!!! florida was FANTASTIC!!! so relaxing and enjoyable and fun. we thought that dillon would crawl, but he hasn't yet, BUT he does have two teeth on the bottom and he's already cutting his top two!!! my poor boy is basically cutting his first four teeth all at the same time! i'm only going to post a few pictures because you can click on the link to the right and see all of the pictures, or you can go here for a short verysion of the picture of vaca. we had pretty good weather...ike didn't get us particularly, but we had windy weather because of ike. however, it was so nice for ben and me to just sit around the condo and not have to necessarily DO anything if we didn't want to. if you haven't been on vacation yet this year, it is so great and i highly recommend it ;) here are a few pictures of the trip, but as i said, just click to the right and you can see all of them...
dillon REALLY enjoyed the beach! he was SUCH a trooper! i think we have the best baby EVER!

hmmmm, what's in my mouth? OH it must be a cheerio!!

dinner at the blue parrott one night

enjoying the beach!!

kissing mommy good night. he's such a good little boy.

home at LAST!!! actually, this is grandpa and granny's home, but we were exhausted from traveling and glad to not be in the car anymore!
thanks for bearing with me while i haven't posted. please let me know who's reading so i can keep up with you, too! have a great week!!


ethan and kristen said...

your pics are so cute! I think you should be a wedding coordinator. You were the best maid of honor ever!

Glenna Marshall said...

you know i still read! XOXO

waddell crew said...

it looks like you all had lots of fun! I wish we could go on a vacation!