Friday, August 22, 2008

so, what's been going on?

well, not much evidently! i can't say that we've been extremely busy and i can't say that we've been bored out of our minds...i guess it's just been normal ;) dillon is wanting to move SO badly!!!! he can't figure it out yet, but i think that crawling is soon to be coming to the williams's. he gets very frustrated when he wants to go somewhere and can't, so in turn, we hear a lot of screeching...for real screeching, and rolling back and forth in the living room when he's trying to get somewhere. i haven't taken hardly any pictures of dillon's 8th month because our camera batteries won't stay charged and that is VERY frustrating!! if anyone has any ideas of what type of rechargeable batteries have a long life, i would greatly appreciate any advice in this area. we've been using energizer and i guess the little bunny inside ours just isn't up for running the triathlons we ask him to :)
we did have a great visit last weekend with ben's aunt and uncle. they take a BIG road trip everywhere in their rv and this year happened to include i-40. therefore, they got to stop and see us!! they treated us to a great dinner at the old town spaghetti store (one of our fave's here in jackson...and be warned, the website plays music!), then we went to see the rv and then they came to see our house. this is what our house looked like last time they were here.

needless to say, they were glad to see that we had gotten to do some work on it ;) we had a great night with them and we look forward to seeing them again really soon, hopefully.

dillon with his aunt nette...they like the same kinds of shoes ;)

dillon with aunt nette and uncle jim. dillon really really like uncle jim. he would laugh and carry on everytime he looked at uncle jim!

also, we've been praying for ben's grandpa lately. he was in the hospital last week for an emergency surgery where he has an infection on his gall bladder. basically, they have controlled the infection, but he's too weak to undergo gall bladder surgery, so this is all they can do now. we ask that you guys pray along with us for healing and comfort for grandpa.
all of us with grandpa a year and a half ago.

we are also really really looking forward to VACATION!!!!! yes, that's right, you heard me correctly...we will be leaving for florida with some of ben's family on september 6 and honestly, it just can't get here soon enough! we went last year to st. george island and that is where we will be returning to. we'll be there for a week and seriously, i can't type how much we are looking forward to this. this is ben and janie last year at st. george...dillon was there too, just in the belly!

dillon and i have been having a pretty good time in the mornings with playtime. i left the room the other day for about 5 minutes and when i came back, this is what i found...
please notice the legs hanging out of the blanket.

and this is what i revealed from the blanket...
a somewhat happy dillon ;)
ALSO, ben has begun a teaching series at church on the holiness of being holy is good, beauty, and virtuous. i'm going to try to put that lesson on here so that you can listen to it for yourself. he's pretty good, i must say...but i'm a little biased to him ;) here's the link to the lesson. so, we hope everyone is doing well! we thank you for your prayers for us...God is providing for us daily. love to all!!


Glenna Marshall said...

that is so funny! little dillon...what a cutie pie. i miss him!

ethan and kristen said...

Love the pictures! And that is an amazing picture of Dillon on your friends page!! He is so cute. And I saw that iguana onesie at Old Navy!!! So cute!! I miss you!!