Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what a wonderful world

well, i realize that it has been about a month since i've last posted. honestly there hasn't been a whole lot going on! which i guess is a good thing. ben and i had a wonderful Christmas...janie cooked a great Christmas dinner and it was complete with both sides of the family as well as friends from the neighborhood. we had a GREAT time!!!
ben also got janie a new bed (which is WAY better than the frame they were using) and janie got ben a new stereo complete with an ipod dock and a cd player. the perfect thing. :)
Janie then got to go to denver to see her friends leah and jackie. i had such a great time!!! talk about a wonderful girls' weekend where all we did was talk, shop, eat, and drink! it was great!!! i did miss ben a lot, which made it great to come back home. we hope for the best for leah and joe and for jackie and love them a lot!! we also wish that all of us lived closer! (boo hoo hoo)

on a serious note, we want to thank everyone for praying and thinking about us over the last few months. my surgery went well and we continue to covet your prayers as we long to make our family larger. it's our desire and we have such peace about what God is doing in our lives. thank you all for your encouragement (from some that i rarely even talk to) and for continuing to think and pray for us.
i think that's about it :). i hope everyone is doing well. we'd love to hear from you! love to all!!


Glenna Marshall said...

Great pics, Janes. Looks like you had a great time.

We'll have to do Dyersburg soon, but I'm pretty busy until the end of Feb. But, maybe I can find a day between now and then to meet you there. Mondays and Saturdays are my best days to come....unless Addie lets me take E. to Dyersburg with me on a weekday, but that might interfere with your work anyway. We'll talk about it soon.

Thanks for the comment on my site. I have no problem with "get togethers" for fellowship, but I want our time that is allotted for Bible Study (Sunday nights from 6-7) to be a time of study that the women want to be a part of. But, I think your idea of trying to make every woman feel welcome and wanted is a good one. Maybe we can have a kick-off for whatever we do next. We did have a kick-off before our most recent study of James and we had SO many women, but they just tapered off and quit coming. I want our women to grow together and to love one another and to love to study the Word. Getting there is half the battle, though, right? I know I can't make that desire develop in the women in my church, but I guess I can pray for it and advertise about the class as much as possible. Thanks for your info--I always appreciate your thoughts.
Love you,

Alicia Beth said...

hey Janie ! your christmas table looked beautiful :) I know you worked hard on it.Jennifer told me you guys had a GREAT time in Colorado. I enjoy being able to keep up with you on here.I have a blog too so check it out some time.
God bless and take care

In Transition said...

hey girl, miss you lots and so with you on the snow...sledding so brings it back to childhood! Hope you got to do it a little!!