Friday, February 02, 2007


i know that this isn't much compared to a lot of our readers, however, i'm like a 5 year old ready to sled when it snows!!!! so, here's our pretty little house in the snow and i wish it would stay around forever. however, it's 4:45 on the same day and it's already sad. hope everyone is doing well!!!


Glenna Marshall said...

Can't see your pics, jane!

we got 2 inches of snow last night (Sat. night)--it's so pretty! but, it melted mostly today. i wish we'd get snowed in, you know? :)

Glenna Marshall said...

i don't know what the deal is because i still can't see yours! i wonder if blogger is having trouble.

Glenna Marshall said...

Now I can see it!! Too cute-looks like a gingerbread house!