Thursday, December 21, 2006

one more thing

this is a crazy Christmas picture that i thought was just TOO funny to pass up. my dad wanted us to use it for our Christmas card, but of course, we opted not to. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

p.s. bill and mel (my brother and sister-in-law...ben's brother-in-law and sister-in-law...this is getting confusing!) are having a BOY!!!!! baby boy myatt is due on april 13!!!! there's almost too many babies to contain it! actually, i don't think that will ever be the case :)


abeth420 said...

Hey Janie ! It's so good to read about the "goings on" in your world.Seems like you're having a great christmas season.Congrats on the babies too :) My sister is expecting again too so I know how you feel.It's great being an aunt.
Take care and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!


Glenna Marshall said...

I miss you too, Janes. My days are now busy being a nanny. Call me sometime. I wish I could come see you--I could use some time with an old friend!
Love you,