Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Christmas Time

Well, we know it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but Ben and I have been listening to Christmas music all the time. It makes us so happy. It's like exercising or something like that. Something inside of you just makes you feel good. We haven't posted in forever! A lot has been going on and we are so ready for October to be over. Ben was in Knoxville two weekends ago, last weekend we lead worship for a church here in Jackson and heard an amazing guy speak, Paul Washer (heartcrymissionary.com). I reccomend him to anyone, but be prepared to be smacked around a lot. So, we were exhausted in every form and fashion on Sunday, but we ended up at the Denker's house that afternoon which was absolutely wonderful. We love Brian and Cindy. Anyway, that brings me to my next topic...POOKIEPALOOZA!!!!!! We do a birthday party for Brian Denker every year and this year it's called Pookiepalooza (for more on Brian Denker, go to bdenker.blogspot.com). We went all out this year and can't wait for it. We're doing a bonfire with s'mores, hotdogs and the works, then it's also a fall festival for the kids at the church, Walton Padelford is speaking on the Reformation, and Russ Pflasterer is playing a set. HOLY COW!!!! that's amazing. Anyway, we love our friends. We're totally excited about this. Finally, we are getting heat in our house. It's been very interesting to not have heat through this cold front. However, we will have heat by the end of next weekend...YEA! Good times beginning on the house and ending on the house. We love each of you and next time I have my wedding pictures, I'll try to post more. Let us know how you're doing!

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