Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh This Beautiful Life

well, since we've been chewed out by friends for not posting, i decided i'd take some time to post. not a whole lot is going on right now. ben's in production for vip tennessee and i'm hanging out with leah and jenny (just like old times!!!!!) for dinner. hopefully, ben won't be working tooo late. it's our one month anniversary today, and it feels like it's been a lifetime. (that's super cheesy, but oh well!) life has been very very busy for us. we spent the weekend after our honeymoon in chicago with my family. the guys went to a baseball game (cubs won the one they went to...YEA!) and lili and i shopped. it was so much fun. while lili and i shopped, mom kept the kids, cause that's what mimis do! then, we came back, finished our bathroom completely (2nd room in the house that's completely done!) last weekend and then, this weekend, had a baby shower for our good friends chad and holly. they are due november 1 and we are so excited to be uncle ben and aunt janie to something other than cats for them! we've been so reminded of how much we love our friends and are so thankful for our church. last night, we hung out with kirby and cilla, and it was the best, most encouraging time. we also had some missionaries at church on sunday from ethiopia and brazil that ben knows from when he went to ethiopia. their names are nagash and marciano. it was so cool to be welcomed by them like a sister since they knew my husband and that's all they knew of me. they are here for the IOI banquet. IOI is indigenous outreach international and is run by our friend patrick beard. he founded this ministry about 7 years ago when he and his family came back to the states from ethiopia. it's a ministry that trains indigenous pastors and focuses on church planting. it's amazing to see what the Lord is doing in ethiopia and it's very encouraging to be indigenous here in the states. oh, the boldness that i wish i had! we have the banquet that will hopefully raise some money for IOI tomorrow night and it's just so neat to see the Lord praised in so many different languages. anyway, these are just some thoughts that the Lord placed on my heart yesterday at church. in lieu of IOI, it makes us even more excited of our friends and makes us sad that we have to travel so much. we hope that life slows down soon and we're able to hang out with everyone like old times...yea for that! i'll let everyone know how the banquet goes, and if they have a website, i'll let you know that, too. it's a great organization to go through if you're planning on missions anytime soon. i must go meet leah and jenny, but we love everyone and hope to hear from you soon!


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The Larsen Wells' said...

glad to see an update, i was on the verge of being one of those friends that chewed you out!
So happy to hear that you guys are having a good time
Much love friends