Monday, October 09, 2006

who knows?

hello to everyone. i don't really know what to write today, but i felt like writing. i was reminded of some funny things this weekend. my best friend from college came into town (the fields) and we went to the big UU (that's union univeristy for those of you that don't know) and walked around to see what and who had changed. we came across some funny things that reminded us of our days at union and realized that we missed college but were VERY glad to be where we are now. we spent the day eating shake's frozen custard and then having pizza for dinner. good times and much much like college!
i also was reminded of some of my time being single. one thing in particular was a comment made by (at the time) a 5th grader whom i went to church with. i had just decided to move to colorado and work at orchards baptist. i told "mark" i was moving to ft. collins and he said "why you wanna move up noth (long o sound) fo?" (you MUST say it with the MOST southern accent possible) i laughed and instead of saying "well, colorado is actually west..." i said "because i want to right now!" anyway, it brightened my day and i hope it does yours as well. have a good monday, but not a "case of the mondays"


In Transition said...

I am so sorry you are going through this right now...there's no word that is probably easing the frustration, but please know I will be praying for you and Ben and that I love you. I'll give you a call later tonight.

Anonymous said...

Janie, you asked me if I knew of any good halloween costumes for Petey... try this: