Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the ultimate FEAST

well, this past weekend, we hosted "The Feast of St. Pookie". for those of you that don't know, pookie is brian denker (who ben used to live with) and a few years ago, ben, leah cashion, jenny johnson, ben hickey, and a few other people, wanted to throw brian a big birthday party. they decided to call it "Pookiefest" complete with iron-on t-shirts. they had a blast! the next year, ben was married, but pookie was still next on his mind. he decided to make it bigger than the year before. that year, it would be called "Pookiepalooza", complete with REAL t-shirts. It also doubled as a fal funfest for the kids. we had a good time, but now the preasure was on. EVERY YEAR, this thing has to get BIGGER!
As ben and janie were brainstorming, ben said "i think we need to have the feast of St. Pookie for Brian this year." janie loved the idea and the planning began. This year, we had a jumpy house for the kids, ben hickey so eloquently told how pookie became a saint, complete with 3 miracles: making a toasted cheese sandwich, pulling out a pop tart from thin air, and drawing a map of the Holy Lands (not in any specific order). We had a blast, and i just wanted pookie to know that we appreciate him and love him very much! get ready for next year...it might be as big as memphis in may!!!!

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Glenna Marshall said...

That drawing actually really looks like him. :)