Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dillon is 7 weeks old!

can you believe dillon is 7 weeks old!?!? i CAN'T!!! we laid dillon on his tummy tonight for the first time in several days and he did awesome with holding his head up! our little boy is growing SO much! he is getting so big. we go to the doctor on feb. 8 for his shots. it's not going to be a fun day, but i know that we will get through it! we love you all! this is a much better pick-me-up than my last post. God is so faithful...even in daily tummy time. we love you all!!
dillon on tummy time.

what are you guys talking about?
we're so proud!

look at our family!!!! (dillon's saying "who is this dog and what is he doing?!?!)
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PS: dillon does have other clothes besides this t-shirt!! HA!

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