Thursday, November 08, 2007

i love our friends

so, i'm just realizing how good ben and i really have it. i've known that we've been really blessed, but i mean, we have the BEST friends in the WORLD!!! we have been blessed with having almost 3 baby showers...the 3rd one is sunday...and we still have 2 more to go! i LOVE our friends! and, as many of you know, most of my friends from college (ok all of them) live in different states. these are the girls that were my bridesmaids and who i know we will be life long friends with. you girls have been the awesomest people since we found out we were pregnant! you always ask about us and how the little guy is doing and how i'm feeling. anyway, i just wanted everyone to know how blessed we really are and how much i really do love our friends. our "other group" of friends are guys from Christ Community. (follow the link on the places to roam to see our church and hear some great teaching). these are the men that were ben's groomsmen in our wedding and over the past two years, i have had the privelege to know their wives and call them BFF as well ;). the Lord has truly blessed us with amazing people in our life. i am so thankful for how each of you has blessed the williams family over the past two years. and, if you read this, you know that you're one of those people that we love ;). i just wanted to express my gratitude for our friends and praise the Lord for bringing people like you into our lives. the peace of Christ be with you all today.


Glenna Marshall said...

I love your new background, Janes!

My mom told me about the invite she got to the book shower--I LOVE that idea. If I ever have a baby shower, I would totally steal that idea!

You have good friends because YOU are a good friend, Janie! You are such a loyal friend; it's no wonder people love you!

I love you...will catch up with you later!

piper of love said...

I'm not doing a very good job of conceiling my seething jealousy over your *new* blog look! It's beautiful!!!!! It should belong to me!

You look so great Janie! I'm so jealous of that too...I was a big fat blimp while pregnant! You are beautiful! And you have a wonderful husband, cute house, great friends...what a wonderful world you are bringing Dillon in to!

I love you Janie Sue!!

BrightHairMel said...

...and your friends definitely love you.

I'm included in that lovefest....Soon I will be there and we can take some pictures to post on BOTH of our blogs.

Thanks for reading mine..I LOVE feedback!!!