Wednesday, October 24, 2007


so, i'm at home by myself on a wednesday night. we've been going so much, ben said, "you're staying home tonight" and so i did! anyway, there's been several things to go on since last time i posted. first of all, i'm at 33 weeks. we've gotten a lot more done on dillon's room, but i'm going to wait to post pictures until the room is completely done.

the last two weeks have been pretty crazy. they began with ben's mom and step dad, dave, coming into town.(for some reason i think i already posted about his...but i don't think i did). anyway, we had a great time with them. brenda was able to come to my shower from CCCand dave and ben got to hang out a lot. it was SO great to have them here.

the next thing that happened that's fun is that i took two of my kids to a farm! we had SUCH a blast! i think that the girls that we took had a good time, too. i do hope (if i don't do anything else in this job) that i can take these kids to places that they have never been and to get them OUT of the classroom and their beds.
i think i can accomplish that.

the next great thing that happened was that i had FALL BREAK!!!! it was such a great weekend! i had the opportuniy to coordinate a wedding in nashville. it was a great wedding and i hope the bride and groom thought so too. that was this past sunday. i got home around 11:30 that night and went to work on monday, ben and i had our baby class on monday night, tuesday we went to work, and tuesday night we went to union's scholarship banquet with my parents, kirby and cilla, and walton and katy. it was SO much fun! the speakers weren't the best in the world, but we had a great time. that's what matters most, right? so, tonight is wednesday night. ben is at worship practice, i am blogging at home (i needed to rest and stop) and petey has fially calmed down to sit in my lap and i'm about to start folding dillon's clothes and put them away. we were going to do a yard sale this weekend, but we decided to wait until after dillon comes when we have time to go through everything a lot better and do it sometime in april. i'm SO thankful for a husband who realizes that his wife HAS to slow down. that's why i'm home tonight, that's why we're not doing the yard sale, that's why we're taking a little break before dillon gets here. anyway, i just felt like posting a couple of pictures of what the weeks have been like. spend some time with your family this week and weekend. be appreciative of them. hug them. kiss them. have fun with them. (i don't know who this kid is, but i left my camera on the bus, and this picture was on my camera when i got it back. i love it!)


piper of love said...

Tag! You're it!

Hannah Fields said...

Janie, you are so pretty. You look beautiful in those pic. (your mom looks pretty too) That is really neat that you got to take the kids to the farm. Fresh farm air is good. Isn't fun to fold baby clothes. I love to smell them and always cannot wait to have a little precious baby to put in them. you are so blessed. cherish this time. take time to smell the baby clothes. also, i think your last picture is hysterical. I love finding funny pictures like that on my camera.

Melissa said...

So, I'm doing the blog again. You were the only one who read it before, so maybe you'll get back into it. YOu know where to find me.