Thursday, September 27, 2007

just because

as i got to work this morning and started looking at a few of the blogs that i puruse, i noticed that almost everyone i look at had updated their blog! it makes my day when i have new stuff to read from some of the greatest people on earth! (that's some cheez wiz right there). anyway, i don't have a lot to say. i guess i'll just update quickly about the past few weeks.
dillon is now 29 weeks into his development, which means we have 11 or less weeks before he'll be here! i feel the need to get his room ready, like now, so hopefully this weekend, we will get his crib and be able to paint and all that stuff. mimi got him his bedding last weekend which we are SO thankful for! so, now we know what we need to do to get paint colors! YEA! anyone who wants to help, give me a call!!!
also, the Lord has been gracious with giving ben work a little last week and this week at VIP. please pray for us as we decide what to do with the movie and how we decide to live for the next year or so. we really need some guidance.
everything else is going well. my new job is getting better everyday. i'm looking into taking my kids on a field trip because they deserve it and it would be fun :). i hope we can go to the pumpkin patch or to tennessee safari park. we'll see what happens. i have some of the greatest kids and they teach me patience everyday. i know God's preparing me to be a mom.
i also would like to just say that i'm very thankful for the elders of our church. they are such a blessing to me and ben and our little family. we love the community that God has brought us into and i would encourage all of you to pray for your elders daily. they are our shepherds. may we be faithful to pray for wisdom for them.
well, this is basically a post where i could just ramble, so i'm going to stop. we're excited about seeing the tankersleys in a few days. we miss them like crazy. expect crazy pictures from the week that they are here! much love to everyone!! this is our nephew, luke tankersley. this picture just makes me smile everytime i see it!


Hannah Fields said...

way to update your blog. I knew that if i checked it one more time you would have changed it. hey i love the little baby thing in the left hand corner of the blog. that is way cool. hope to someday talk to you.ha ha
love hannah

Heidi said...

what a cute picture of Luke...he is so big now!

piper of love said...

yeah, Janie Sue posts!
sweet sweet baby picture too!

don't do anything but rest love, you are going to need it!