Friday, July 13, 2007

some fun things

today was cow appreciation day! chick-fil-a gave away a free meal to anyone who would dress up in a cow costume. lisa and i decided this was the best option for dinner tonight (we had an inservice we had to go to). therefore, we became cows!  
also, this is week 18! in case you don't know, we'll be welcoming dillon thomas williams into the world sometime in december (the 12th perhaps :) ) we'd love to hear from you and see you soon! love to all!!  
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Hannah Fields said...

Oh my goodness Janes you look so pregnant. ( in a good way) I still cant believe it. I am smiling from ear to ear. you look great.
you are going to be the coolest mom. how many moms will dress up like a cow for a meal. hey i have a baby sitter tomorrow maybe we can talk. ill call tomorrow. love ya

nic said...


and--cow picture? one of the funniest images i've ever seen.

Glenna Marshall said...

I love it. the glove-udder thingys are awesome. I can say I would not have done it, but I am proud of you. :)

Glenna Marshall said...

Are you going to be in town this coming weekend?

In Transition said...

How cute are you?!? I miss you girl, and just want you to know that I still read your blogs, even though I´m bad about writing! Love you bunches and gotta say that I´m jealous I wasn´t there to dress like a heifer with you guys! jajaja :) hugs!!!