Wednesday, May 23, 2007

we ARE still alive!

ben and i went to florida with the williams fam and had a GREAT time. i think it was the MOST relaxing vacation i've ever had! SERIOUSLY!!! we laid around on the beach, in the house, did nothing but had a great time. (I will worn you...there's pictures of my stomach...but since i'm pregnant, that's ok ;))oh yeah, we saw 2 sharks, too! yeah, meri was fishing one day with a lot of other people and a regular shark swam about 7-10 feet away from the shore! then, the next day, an even BIGGER hammerhead shark swam all along the shore about the same distance away. it was CRAZY! just so you know what a hammerhead looks like...

ok, also we ate at this great neighborhood bar that has wonderful oysters (according to pop and meri) and has really really good hotdogs and good beer on tap (according to everyone else but me). it was great! that's what our vacation consisted of. wonderful and relaxing!
also, here's a picture of what i looked like last week and i do believe i have grown since then! we were able to have another ultrasound at the doctor last week. our little baby is just moving all around and his/her (we don't know what the baby's sex is yet) heartbeat is very very strong! YEA!!! thanks to everyone for all of your prayers. we feel them and God is being so good to us right now. Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow!!!! Peace of Christ to you!


piper of love said...

hey pretty mama...warn is spelled "warn" as opposed to "worn" as you forboded regarding your sweet little tum-tum. gee, I kinda thought a teacher might know these kinds of things...but pregnancy will flip a girl into varied degrees of massive irregularity at times. you know I jest, correct?

I love my Janie Sue.

ps- keep blogging, I need heavy doses of comedy to keep me regular.

In Transition said...

Oh My Good Lord, how excited am I to hear this news?!?!? God is so faithful and good!!! Congratulations my dear you and Ben both. Oh praise the Lord and blessings on you both and the little one. I'm seriously just so ecstatic and giddy here in the computer room. Thanks for the updates!! I'm calling you soon! Love, Ginger